Monday, 24 June 2019

Fighting lyme naturally during the menopause - the final hurdle

My Chinese Med Doctor told me, in order for the true treatment of my lyme disease to begin; to truly balance my system, I have to come off HRT. COME OFF HRT. Yeah right, whatever!

If you read LIFE AS IT IS, you'll know that since starting Five elements TCM, I've seen great gains, and although admittedly, at first I felt A LOT worse when I dropped my HRT from 75mcg to 50mcg - I almost cancelled New York, I then picked up, as he had suggested. A few weeks on, my body stabilised, and New York was a walk in the (Central) park.

A week ago today, I got brave and dropped my HRT from 50 to 25. A few hot flushes and a few headaches later, (and not the sort that I associate with the killer head of lyme disease), I'm doing more than fine, so guess what? Today, I've really gone for it... from 25 to 0mcg. I've literally just taken the final patch off. How liberated and empowered do I feel?!!

Not sure what sort of week lay ahead, but with a positive mind and natural oestrogen x 2: Wild Yam and Rhodiola Rosea in my system, I'm going for it, pleased to be free of synthetic hormones that are screwing my endocrine system as far as making a full recovery from Lyme disease.

The moral of the story? Trust your body. I'll check back to report on withdrawal.