Sunday, 30 September 2018

The Ultimate Spell-Caster - a book review

Spellbinding and whacky, the brilliant new book by comic writer, cartoonist, poet and performer Mike Barfield, is indeed a recipe for fun.

Having given The Ultimate Spell-Caster to our witchy seven-year-old Fia for her birthday, she has been up to hi-jinx ever since! And then our wicked 10-year-old went and got hold of it this morning and much to her amusement...

Of course there's no end to the desirably silly concoctions available in this flipbook, allowing everyone a chance at turning whoever into whatever, with a little bit of beastly magic along the way!

Released last month - perfectly timed for Halloween - it is well thought out and well made, its pages strong enough to withstand the flicking wrist/wand action. Question is, will your constitution be up to it?

Screamingly good fun by the team at Laurence King Publishing.

Title: The Ultimate Spell-Caster
Author: Mike Barfield
Price: £10.99
100 pages
Size: 240 x 145 mm
ISBN: 9781786273093
Published: 03/09/2018

Emma Oliver received a copy of The Ultimate Spell-Caster in exchange for this review, ideas and comments my own

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Prevention IS better than cure & why you need tick spray in Winter.

The Summer of 2018 brought forth a heat wave that we will all remember, not only here in the UK but around the world. Personally, I've loved the endless days of sunshine, hanging out with my two fun girls on their holiday, at long last being able to enjoy good health courtesy of my Lyme disease diet and the strict naturopath protocol I've mostly adhered to all six weeks, give or take a slice of birthday cake: I can't believe my two have turned another year older, a long with their Great Gran who reached the amazing milestone of 100!

Borne out of continuous warm weather, the heatwave also delivered a tick explosion, alongside which came an unusual string of positive media attention highlighting lyme awareness. But that passed. And as Summer passes too, one wonders if we can now stop worrying about ticks? If we can now let down our guard? The answer is surprising. As September begins and the new school uniforms are washed and pressed ready to go, there is a greater need than ever to remind one and all about keeping safe outdoors, for just because the warm weather comes to an end, it doesn't mean that ticks do.