Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Healing Lyme with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture

I'm hardcore me. I went back for more. You see the thing was, by the end of the week I was feeling more like my old self for the first time in ages. My brain felt a lot sharper. I've had way more energy. There can be no denying that once I recovered from the initial healing crisis brought about by the acupuncture, I was left feeling stronger.

This time there was no chicken or fish; only an infrared lamp positioned over my gut, and several needles (complete with electrodes attached) to probe my meridians. I'm going to have to research acupuncture before I even begin to understand it, but from what little I can gather, these stimuli all work together in waking up the brain. Retraining it if you like, to do the multi-systemic jobs it should automatically do within ones body to keep it healthy.

My naturopath is happy for me to trial acupuncture, and with her blessing so am I, even though as I write this, I'm preparing for the next lot of fall out I've been promised.

Weird science.