Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Forwarned is forearmed: blog update & Jeremy Hunt

LIFE AS IT IS has taken a back seat while my Lyme disease has been driving. I'm in a much better position than I was a few years ago though and wanted to say thanks for supporting me along the way. My numbers on the lyme posts are staggering. Clearly there are lots of you interested in how to recover naturally from a disease that takes out ones immunity.

Next month, I've planned a one-to-one with MP Jeremy Hunt. I'm making it my mission to have warning signs put up in place, reminding people that ticks are present all over the UK. Not just the New Forest and Scotland. I don't mean to scare people, only to remind them of the unseen dangers, and the havoc these minuscule little creatures can create. I'll keep you posted.

I took this photo in France. Why do we not have anything like this here?

Friday, 17 January 2020

The surprising lives of animals - a book review

TITLE: The surprising lives of animals, how they can laugh, play and misbehave
AUTHOR: Anna Claybourne
ISBN: 978-1-78240-816-1
PRICE: £12.99

Featuring many different animals at play, laughing and misbehaving, it is easy to understand how this beautiful hardback book appeals to all children. Its bright colours and incredible illustrations entice the reader and make it a joy for younger children to look at, while friendly text and stimulating facts entertain older children.

Enriching their understanding of animal life cycles and habitats, they'll discover animal species from around the planet who do some of the quirkiest things in the name of survival and play, different scientists who have dedicated their lives to the animal kingdom, and, be able to learn lots of new words and their meanings with the dedicated glossary.

The writer links animal behaviours together under the headings of HAVING FUN, THINKING AND FEELING, EVERYDAY LIFE, LIVING TOGETHER and SETTLING DOWN. The result is both refreshing and relatable. It's fun to have a book on animals presented in this innovative way, and it must be said, with such exquisite illustrations.

Emma Oliver was gifted this book in exchange for a post on LIFE AS IT IS