Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bullied at five.

Oh little girl of mine, stood tall.
So chipper and so cheery.
Where are you? And who is this?
My shadow, always teary.

You used to stop and talk to all, 
Your confidence unending.
But recently, that child has gone.
Missing. Sent. Pending.

For Esme you've been away, 
Absent for awhile.
Your chatty self no longer, 
A stranger to a smile.

Instead small shoulders weighed you down.
A foreboding sense would reign.
We'd walk to school, and you would ask,
"Remind me why I go again?"

Then at the gate and quivering. 
And full of sad surprise:
"It's happening all over; 
I've got tears in my eyes."

And I would cajole and quip and cuddle.
Then sternly send you in.
And walk away with my head bowed,
To keep my tears within.

And unbeknown to me, little you,
Having taken a deep breath,
Would hang your bag and coat inside.
And after, hang your head.

The day the headmistress found you.
Crying still, quite haunted.
She talked with you, and you let go.
The name calling, the taunted. 

So then I found out where you'd gone,
Or rather why you'd gone there.
Because of three big bully boys,
Who confused you to despair.

Who made you wonder what you'd done.
Made you question every day.
Who sent you somewhere lonely.
And who stole my girl away. 


Claire said...

Oh Emma... This nearly made me cry! I hope the school can get to the bottom of it and sort it out. Bless your gorgeous girly :-(

Mummy Tries said...

Emma this is heart breaking. I truly hope you manage to get stop this in its tracks really soon. Sending a big hug to you and your little girl xx

Anonymous said...

This broke my heart - I really hope the school gets it sorted and your wee girl can enjoy it again x

Anonymous said...

Just heartbreaking. It brings a tear to my eyes to think of your poor little girl. I have a 4 year old at pre-school & have witnessed her also confused when others are mean to her without reason. I couldn't bare to lose her to it like this.
I hope the school begin to take it seriously & give her the opportunity to find her happy side again.
Big hugs to you, it's not easy being a mum at the best of times.

Anonymous said...

Oh cuz .. thats heart breaking.. I hope the school are sorting it out. Poor little angel remember if school head doesnt sort it ..take it to governors (im one at my school) they will take it very seriously x

Amanda Masters said...

This is heartbreaking, my Ahren is going through the same and I feel so helpless.
I do hope the school are taking action and getting this stopped, no child should ever feel this way at school, neither should any parent.
Hugs to you all xx

Vai Chin said...

This is just horrible. School should be a fun, happy and safe place for our little ones. I do so hope the school intervenes strongly and sets a precedent against those bullies. #Prose4Thought

Anonymous said...

Heartbreakingly beautiful. Hope the head sorts it and you get your gorgeous girl back soon. Virtual hugs to both.

Wicked World of Lucas said...

This just broke my heart. Stay strong little sweetie xx #prose4t

Nell Heshram said...

This is heartbreaking, and I have a tear in my eye reading it. I'm sure this is a big fear of every parent - 5 is so, so young - still a baby, really. I feel for you, and hope that the bullying comes to an end and that your little girl finds some inner peace again. x

SarahMummy said...

That made me cry. What an awful thing to happen to her. Terrible how it made her change so dramatically. Glad the head was able to deal with it.