Saturday, 1 February 2014

Musings of a 2YO & LIFE AS IT IS

It was a crappy night. 

Sofia Faith (my determined 2YO) woke up telling me that her nappy was wet. 

Turned out, it wasn't just the nappy. It was her pj's and cot sheet too.

Bless her.

So there we are, at 3.20am, light's on and legs akimbo (her not me).


Light's off and back to bed.

An hour of playing and singing later (her not me), and she's yelling once more.

I settle her again.

All is quiet.

Another hour later, Esme Grace calls out.

"I've lost my Heffalump."

I check. Mine is snoring beside me.

She apparently finds hers. 

Once more all returns to quiet.

I'm awake for another half hour.

And then, when I'm not…

Sofia yells, "Mummy, come and get me. I want your hair." (She still twiddles my hair whenever she is snuggly).

It's a complete blur, I stumble. I find her in the dark. 

We fall back into my bed. I'm so groggy, I cover my face with my arm in an attempt to sleep again.

Sofia. Not impressed and wide awake, reminds me that I'm Mummy first and foremost:

S: But Mummy, it's morning, I need a cuddle from you silly billy.

And with that, I turn to cuddles. 

And then, I turn to coffee.


simonn75 said...

I don't snore! Lots of love, Heffalump. X

Emma Oliver said...

oh God, I just want to say for the record, that Heffalump is most definitely not my husband's pet name. ps he does so.

Wicked World of Lucas said...

I loved, loved, loved this. Loving the Heffalump bit and the "I want your hair"!!! Fabulous x #prose4t

Emma Oliver said...

Thanks Cathy. Glad you loved, loved, loved this. Writing it made me smile - a lot! Thank you for commenting.

Victoria Welton said...

I still have nights like this - although it is more Ross than Grace! He talks in his sleep (doesn't wet his nappy though!) Thank you for linking lovely xx