Friday, 7 February 2014

Been to the library with your little ones recently?

I hadn't. And I'd forgotten what a great space it is.  

This morning we stumbled in there by chance.

Quite quickly, I found myself sat in a pod with Sofia Faith. 

For almost an hour we read. And re-read. 

Books galore. 

Sofia kept padding back and forth, and bringing me more and more books to read to her, until I wondered if I might disappear?!

She loved it. And I did too.

Tomorrow is National Library Day.

Why not celebrate it by visiting your local library?

What a great thing it is to do with the kids.

P.S. OMG, have you ever picked up The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis? The illustrations by Gwen Millward are simply enchanting. I see some inspired art work for Esme Grace coming up!  


Charly Dove said...

What a great idea Emma - it must be brilliant there. I just had a flashback of being at a library as a child. Remember the smell weirdly! We have lots of books at home but we should see if we have one locally. Thank you for your lovely comment on my butterflies at wisley post - being doing Sport Relief this week so slightly behind on comments :)

Emma Oliver said...

Thanks for your comment too Charly. Glad to have brought back a childhood memory and the smell attached to it too! How evocative a sense of smell can be...