Friday, 7 February 2014

Been to the library with your little ones recently?

I hadn't. And I'd forgotten what a great space it is.  

This morning we stumbled in there by chance.

Quite quickly, I found myself sat in a pod with Sofia Faith. 

For almost an hour we read. And re-read. 

Books galore. 

Sofia kept padding back and forth, and bringing me more and more books to read to her, until I wondered if I might disappear?!

She loved it. And I did too.

Tomorrow is National Library Day.

Why not celebrate it by visiting your local library?

What a great thing it is to do with the kids.

P.S. OMG, have you ever picked up The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis? The illustrations by Gwen Millward are simply enchanting. I see some inspired art work for Esme Grace coming up!