Friday, 14 February 2014

Bullied at five - a follow up

Wow. I cannot believe the response this poem had. The blog got over 500 hits in 24 hours. 

And I wanted to thank you for reading, for all the support, comments and retweets.

I cannot believe that something which took me such little time to write, could make such a big impact.

I'm glad it has. For we need to raise awareness of bullying issues in young children. We need to recognise the signs and symptoms in little people when all is not well.

The thing is, I never imagined this was happening to my five-year-old. She never spoke up. Esme is really very eloquent, and the fact that she was confused, meant she was unable to voice it. That's a first for my chatty girl.

Probably emphasised by the fact that she is not streetwise, and is particularly trusting of everyone. 

I suppose this whole episode could be considered her first lesson in LIFE AS IT IS.

How sad to go through it so early. 

For me, it is a case of relief. Utter relief. I didn't have a clue what was going on with her. I just saw a child getting smaller and smaller by the week. (This has been going on for quite some time). 

I am relived the headmistress found her upset and that Esme was able to express her feelings that morning.

I am relieved the three boys have left her alone after stern words from the head.

Most of all, I am relieved that over the last three weeks, since the head spoke to my little one, that the Esme we all adore, has slowly been able to return to the fore.

She is finally back to herself this week, which is what gave me the strength to write about it yesterday. It's great to have my lovely lively slightly loony girl back again!

I will say this… I am gutted I never recognised it myself. That I was unable to help her voice it earlier. 

So, if you have a little one that suddenly becomes your shadow, and does not want to go to school anymore, it will be well worth having a quiet chat with them, to try and find out why. And if you can't get to the bottom of it, take it to the school and get help. 

After all, it's only when they come out the other side, you realise how dark it was for them while they were in there.