Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve and there's so much to be thankful for

It's shaping up to be another merry Christmas!

The carrots, mince pies and brandy sit half eaten upon the hearth as freshly laid welly boot footprints stand in the ash of the smouldering fire. Simon and I have munched ourselves silly feasting upon the carpet picnic of an exquisite hamper that his work delivered. So so content, we are about to tip toe Santa's presence in to where our sleeping wonderbabes lie up above dreaming of sugarplums and all things deliciously Christmassy. All of us happy in our anticipation, and the new dawn. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Nativity is davinity

Esme's nativity was divine. It really was. She looked like an angel. Although she played a traveller. A traveller! Not a spoken part, nor an acting part come to that, but a walk on part. But hey, she walked on brilliantly. She also knew all the words to the songs and managed not to pick her nose once; so I'm a proud mum. Albeit a proud mum that has just a teeny weeny bit of Mary envy.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Fairytale of Christmas

We're currently bopping along to this song - one of the best ever Christmas songs of all time, and that is saying something. God bless Kirsty Maccoll.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

12 days to Christmas (with a mischievous toddler in tow)

Day 1: Put the tree up and admire it's beauty.

Day 2: Place presents that are already received around the foot of the tree, and admire it some more.

Day 3: Remove all the presents from around the tree until ready to open.

Day 4: Move the tree to a more secure location.

Day 5: Try to decipher which is the tree and which is Sofia Faith, for every time she goes anywhere near it, she ends up with more and more lametta tinsel attached to her.

Day 6: Notice that what was a ton of lametta tinsel, is now a few strands.

Day 7: Spend the entire time chasing Sofia Faith who is wandering with baubles, back and forth.

Day 8: Move the baubles to higher branches well out of her reach.

Day 9: Move all remaining dec's to higher branches well out of her reach.

Day 10: Introduce some toddler friendly dec's to the tree at Sofia Faith's level.

Day 11: Remove the toddler unfriendly dec's

Day 12: Admire the tree in its half-dressed state, and then admire my beautiful and mischievous 15MO

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Easy chocolate biscuit bites for Christmas (you won't even need your oven).

No cook chocolate biscuit bites

3 oz ginger biscuits
3 oz digestive biscuits
4 oz milk choc
4 oz Plain choc
4 oz golden syrup
3 oz unsalted butter
2.5 oz dried apricots, finely chopped
1.5 oz raisins, cut in half
1 oz Rice crispies

Lightly grease and line a 20cm 8inch square shallow tin (or whatever you have in the cupboard, I used a lasagna dish). Break the biscuits in to pieces in a plastic bag and then crush with a rolling pin.

Melt choc, syrup and butter in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir in the biscuit crumbs and when coated, stir in the apricots, raisins and crispy rice.

Spoon the mixture in to the prepared tin and level the surface by pressing down with a potato masher. Leave to cool, then chill in the fridge for 1 hour before cutting in to small squares. Fill your boots!

Friday, 7 December 2012

This weekend...

We thoroughly recommend:

Ice skating! Such fun, such fun! Here we are in Brighton - with the amazing Pavilion playing host. Blue skies help enormously, obviously, but what a brilliant (and back-breaking) thing to do with an adventurous 4YO. 
She's talked about it ever since.

"Argghhh, I can't see."

(Sessions are one hour long)
Adults From £10
Children under 12 From £7
Family £34
Tickets available from
0844 847 2352

Get your southern skates on also at Hampton Court (, Royal Windsor Ice rink ('s-on/windsor-on-ice), Winchester Cathedral (, Somerset House, London (, and Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park (

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Teatime musings of a 4YO

So over food this evening Esme Grace, (4YO) says, "Mummy, I'm actually using the word actually." A bit later, she announced, "Mummy, I'm definitely using the word definitely." 

Clearly simple to you and I, yet such a big thing for her. Ah, my little girl is growing up and using grown up language. She then moved on to tell me that duck rhymed with fuck. Such a shame as up until that moment, it felt like I was in a Charlie and Lola cartoon.

NB: Esme actually and definitely has not a clue about the word f**k. (I think hope anyway).

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

That artistic hand take 2

In addition to the last post That artistic hand, Esme has changed her mind... (it's a 4YO's prerogative).

Over breakfast I showed Esme her picture in blog format. (Said picture again)

Here's the conversation that followed...

e: Mummy, why does the giant and his pet snail look smaller on your computer?
m: What do you mean, giant and his pet snail? Isn't that a picture of Mummy?
e: No, I just said that before, it is actually a giant and his pet snail. 

I obviously offered an explanation to Esme on how her creation came to look smaller. 
But I did a jig around the lounge first.

LATEST FRIDGE ART & that artistic hand

Esme's latest picture of me is worrying. I am not sure what bothers me more... that hand, the fact that she sees me as the female equivalent of Mr Strong, or the giant snail that is about to crawl between my legs. Brilliant.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A poetic moment - clearly I'm craving some space!

The Australian Cowboy 


Lots of it.


Is it any wonder that the beautiful landscape of the outback creates beautiful people?

The intricate designs left by the wind in the desert sands are reflected in the weathered and lined face of the cattle musterer.
Old before his years, he is a nice old guy for a younger man: quiet, unobtrusive.

Alone, but not lonely, he is to be found amid his orange vastness of sand, with his dog, his horse, his cattle, his hundred’s of miles and his thoughts.


Lots of it.


In the daytime, minus the storms, the endless sky, like a sea above, is the most incredible sapphire, and only the flocks of galahs can pierce pink upon it, or the cock-a-teels, white. Likewise their cries maybe the only noise to invade this serenity, teasing one another over the hushed herd. Even his dog rarely barks, finding other ways to communicate.

Against the jewel sky, the brick red pindan earth strikes a discord of the most unique kind, only nature can be this inventive and successful.


Littered with termite mounds and silver spinifex.
The night sky he sleeps under, is all the comfort he needs.
Everywhere here is his oasis.


Lots of it.


He thinks a lot.

His cattle are grazing. They’ve found a water hole and the heat of the day, is evaporating.

The cattle musterer, slips silently down off his black smooth horse, giving her an affectionate, firm slap.

Reaching his worn palms into a blue-jeaned pouch, he produces a red kerchief, which he drags along his perspiring brow.

He squints into the lowering sun, and dips his Akubra, until he can barely see past its adored brim.

The dust rises as the huge herds push forward for the now churned-up wet.

In another week or so he and his cattle will be at a station Northwest of the Territory. Population: approximately ten, and that will suit him just fine.

Somewhere he can have a cold shower and a cold beer and a chair.
Just to sit, contemplate and dream. 
He’s saving up for a farm, his own ranch in the Pilbarra. For him and his dog.

And just a lot more time.

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

The best weekend

Meeting Santa at the school Christmas fayre - He was the real one Mummy.

The Mere's Christmas market, festive, festive, festive 

Buckets of vin rouge

Inside and in front of a roaring fire, all the while it's freezing outdoors

Roast lamb - Rosemary's not shy

Toasted marshmallows to boot

Kids early in bed with smiles on scrubbed faces

Two in a tub - hot, hot, hot bath with scented candles

Topped with fresh sheets and early night

Ah, they don't come much better x