Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dear Visitors

I started LIFE AS IT IS in 2012 before Fia was one, below is the introduction I wrote back then. The updated version, should say that I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in Jan 2018 and that since then, posts have mainly been documenting living with lyme. How writing some days has been too difficult because the brain doesn't always behave, but how writing will forever remain my passion. How the children's book is now complete - just waiting the publishing deal(!) - and how my gorgeous girlies that are all too quickly growing up, complete me, to the point of saying these days motherhood is utterly delightful!

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! I'm Emma; writer, producer and blogger, and this is LIFE AS IT IS, aka the GraceFaith blog (reasons for which are mentioned below). A lifestyle and parenting weblog with a warm and honest approach to motherhood and journalism, and well, my Life As It Is. 

I am a full-time Surrey mum of two little ones, who luckily likes typing. You see, I'm used to writing; I meet lots of deadlines for a living... As well as this collection of posts. For the blog realisation dawned, and with it an opportunity to write whatever I wanted to write. Oh and God, how that is something else altogether. More than writing, it's therapy. A lovely, fuzzy therapy. Look, you can read what it's all about by having a nose now that you're here, but just quickly, here's the gist:


In other words, my blog represents LIFE - never ending, ever changing, sometimes fading, sometimes blooming. Here you will find stories. Tales old and new, funny and sad. Travel articles, nanny notes, product reviews. The odd rant and tip, dare I go so far as to say, even advice too. Not to mention my frank views of motherhood. By which I mean, if you are looking to read refreshing posts about how life with two small children can be utterly crap, you've come to the right place. At times, motherhood is not all it is cracked up to be - I only wish that more mothers admitted to having a tough time. For if more women were honest about how they struggled with motherhood, the pressures on mums everywhere, wouldn't be so great. You will be pleased to know that I finally settled into it. I would actually go as far as to say I absolutely love it NOW! I wrote about that HERE

Our eldest Esme Grace was saved after being very sick at birth, and our youngest, Sofia Faith, well, we had to fight to keep her, so this is why my blog has over time, also become affectionately termed the GraceFaith blog. 

Esme's story, DOWN TO EARTH WITH A BUMP, are a collection of posts regards my pregnancy with her. Sofia's story follows with EVEN MORE DOWN TO EARTH WITH A BUMP, mainly a record of her pregnancy for my keeping.

Read, and you will soon learn my blog is my little outlet of all things dream. My remembrance spot for things gone by. A place to be creative. A place to rant. A place for my girls when they are grown up. A place for me.


Thank you for visiting.

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