Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A brief history (A little detail)

From there to here.

I grew up in Baffins, Portsmouth. 
I loved school, always. 
I loved my extra curriculum activities of dance and piano. 

At 16 I had a Saturday job in a chemist and began training as a nursery nurse. 

At 18 I qualified, learned to drive and moved to London, where my nannying career began. 

I got to know London well.

I fell in love with life.

At 20, I went abroad. 

I never looked back. 

Eventually I gave up other people's children for a sarong and fishing rod. (That may sound like I became a lonesome nerd. Twas NOT so!)

And there you have it, I can sum up my 20's with a backpack and a book. 

And I can sum up my 30's as having nothing but stories to tell and debt to pay off. For I finally disembarked from a plane, nannied again to pay off some of that debt, got fired, did a writing/journalism degree. Got a job in media, a husband, a baby, another baby and before I knew it, found my

FOOTNOTE added 2018.

As time passed, our life as it is watched babies grow into little girls. The blog here documented the ups and downs, the ups have been plenty. And the downs, well they've certainly given me much to write about, including allergies and screaming, hospital visits, postnatal depression and more latterly chats regarding the Autistic Spectrum and my personal battle getting a Lyme Disease diagnosis. Throughout it all, our little family has remained steadfast and secure. Living and loving our life as it is.