Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A brief history (A little detail)

From there to here.

I grew up in Baffins, Portsmouth. 
I loved school, always. 
I loved my extra curriculum activities of dance and piano. 

At 16 I had a Saturday job in a chemist and began training as a nursery nurse. 

At 18 I qualified, learned to drive and moved to London, where my nannying career began. 

I got to know London well.

I fell in love with life.

At 20, I went abroad. 

I never looked back. 

Eventually I gave up other people's children for a sarong and fishing rod. (That may sound like I became a lonesome nerd. Twas NOT so!)

And there you have it, I can sum up my 20's with a backpack and a book. 

And I can sum up my 30's as having nothing but stories to tell and debt to pay off. For I finally disembarked from a plane, nannied again to pay off some of that debt, got fired, did a writing/journalism degree. Got a job in media, a husband, a baby, another baby and before I knew it, found my