Friday, 28 September 2012

A little more detail (3) Journalism, marriage & pregnancy

got a job in media, a husband, a baby

About... 2004

Both the year I graduated and met a totally refreshing young man whom I later fell very much in love with. But for this year, he went off around the globe while I stayed in a friend’s compact and bijou Streatham residence, trying to break into the world of media. BTW, I love that friend!

About... 2005

Shared a Southfields house that soon became a hole. Yes, having found the perfect digs, the landlord a few weeks later said, ‘I’ve rented all the rooms, you can move in now. However, I’m not sure how you will feel about sharing with five boys?’ I thought to myself, how bad can that be? Surely it will be easier than living with five girls? 
No, definitely not, and to quote my extremely clever 4YO Esme Grace, BOYS ARE DISGUSTING!
I did land a job on a magazine though. Happy days. And what got me that job? Not my first class degree, no. The fact that I’d written I had sheared a sheep on my CV. Classic.

About... 2006

The refreshing man was back from his travels by now and still keen, so this year I moved out of town and in with him. He properly became my OH. It was all going so well until I collapsed with pneumonia. Was really sick for months and couldn’t blow out a candle for over a year. Cracked two ribs from coughing. Was not surprisingly left totally depressed by it all. In December went to Dublin where my darling OH asked me to marry him. I started smiling again in earnest. A lot.

About... 2007

A breakdown, shit happened, my OH saved me. 
Married in June. Pregnant by November.

I've decided to record the details of my first pregnancy as a weblog. Surprised? Of course you are! Actually, it's like the rest of the GraceFaith blog, it's really so that I have it for me, always. And of course, my two delicious children. One Grace one Faith... But also, that as a writer, other women in the same boat (or otherwise), can share it. It will be called Down to earth with a bump


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