Friday, 31 August 2018

The Ultimate Spell-Caster - a book review

Spellbinding and whacky, the brilliant new book by comic writer, cartoonist, poet and performer Mike Barfield, is indeed a recipe for fun.

Having given The Ultimate Spell-Caster to our witchy seven-year-old Fia for her birthday, she has been up to hi-jinx ever since! And then our wicked 10-year-old went and got hold of it this morning and much to her amusement...

Of course there's no end to the desirably silly concoctions available in this flipbook, allowing everyone a chance at turning whoever into whatever, with a little bit of beastly magic along the way!

Released last month - perfectly timed for Halloween - it is well thought out and well made, its pages strong enough to withstand the flicking wrist/wand action. Question is, will your constitution be up to it?

Screamingly good fun by the team at Laurence King Publishing.

Title: The Ultimate Spell-Caster
Author: Mike Barfield
Price: £10.99
100 pages
Size: 240 x 145 mm
ISBN: 9781786273093
Published: 03/09/2018

Emma Oliver received a copy of The Ultimate Spell-Caster in exchange for this review, ideas and comments my own

Monday, 6 August 2018

The Little Guides to Great Lives Series - A book collection review

Little Guides to Great Lives by Isabel Thomas
Released: 4 June 2018
Price: £8.99
Hardback, 190 x 150mm
For ages: 7-11
Featuring: Nelson Mandela
Amelia Earhart
Leonardo Da Vinci
Marie Curie
Frida Kahlo

The Little Guides to Great Lives series is a gorgeous collection of books for children, brought to you by the team at that will ignite aspiration and fire up imagination. Five books so far (with more in the pipeline) dedicated to the lives and works of all-inspiring greats such as Amelia Earhart, Nelson Mandela, Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie and Frida Kahlo.

Written by Isabel Thomas, a prolific STEM writer for children, this brand new series of handy accessible guides, of course covers famous scientists, artists and revolutionaries and serves as an introduction to the most inspirational figures ever to have lived.

A joy to look at, touch and read, each of these books is beautifully depicted by a different illustrator, and covered in rich material reflecting the life of the person whose story it tells. From the moment you lay eyes on them, you know there is nothing ordinary about this collection. Rightly so, for there was nothing ordinary about each of the heroic subjects.

Subjects whose life stories, Isabel Thomas manages to condense into 62 pages of wonderful knowledge, intrigue, humour and meaning. Subjects whose lives I feel my children should share.

Frida Kahlo for example. A lady born in Mexico as its revolution unfolded, who endured great pain and hardship, but used her bold daring paintings to express her emotions and celebrate her identity. The original 'selfie' if you will. And Nelson Mandela, whose journey from political prisoner to president of South Africa is an incredible tale of triumph in the face of adversity.

Important lives of great people, told brilliantly and recorded in a fashion that children ages 7-11 can understand. Almost encyclopedic, with a glossary, timeline and index too.
A really wonderful collection!

Emma Oliver received the collection: Little Guides for Great Lives, in exchange for this review, ideas and comments my own