Monday, 24 June 2019

Fighting lyme naturally during the menopause - the final hurdle

My Chinese Med Doctor told me, in order for the true treatment of my lyme disease to begin; to truly balance my system, I have to come off HRT. COME OFF HRT. Yeah right, whatever!

If you read LIFE AS IT IS, you'll know that since starting Five elements TCM, I've seen great gains, and although admittedly, at first I felt A LOT worse when I dropped my HRT from 75mcg to 50mcg - I almost cancelled New York, I then picked up, as he had suggested. A few weeks on, my body stabilised, and New York was a walk in the (Central) park.

A week ago today, I got brave and dropped my HRT from 50 to 25. A few hot flushes and a few headaches later, (and not the sort that I associate with the killer head of lyme disease), I'm doing more than fine, so guess what? Today, I've really gone for it... from 25 to 0mcg. I've literally just taken the final patch off. How liberated and empowered do I feel?!!

Not sure what sort of week lay ahead, but with a positive mind and natural oestrogen x 2: Wild Yam and Rhodiola Rosea in my system, I'm going for it, pleased to be free of synthetic hormones that are screwing my endocrine system as far as making a full recovery from Lyme disease.

The moral of the story? Trust your body. I'll check back to report on withdrawal.

Thursday, 30 May 2019


Taken from Bar Sixty-Five, The Rainbow Rooms, Rockefeller Centre

New York. Travelling with Lyme. Could my energy hold up? Would I cope? Yes and yes. Using my senses to take me where I needed to go when. And my journalistic skills too. This photo is taken from the Bar Sixty-five restaurant (on the 65th floor above the Rockefeller centre), from the gorgeous restaurant that adjoins the Rainbow Rooms, my thanks to them for miraculously finding us a table in exchange for the mention here on LIFE AS IT IS. Delicious food with stunning views. Be sure to reserve a table well in advance of travelling, and for sometime around dusk to watch magical Manhattan as it changes from light to dark.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

What happens next? A trip to New York

A trip to New York.

Only a bloody trip to New York. With three friends. We all worked out there together 25 years ago as nannies. In Connecticut. We would travel to Manhattan at weekends and party like it was 1999. Accept it was 1994 and 25 years on, we're having a reunion. A gift to ourselves that we have been looking forward to for six years... when we began saving £20 a month. Flight and Airbnb booked, and this week, we're off. How exciting!

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Crystals and a crystal healing

In a bid to stay well and have energy for my upcoming trip to New York, I had a crystal healing, which left me feeling fantastic. It was really remarkable and put me into a deep state of relaxation. I can't help but feel it has left me in a much better place for travelling. Of course you have to be open to this very spiritual type of healing before going in for it. And I suppose I always was. As a child I was used to being visited by a spirit that sat on the end of my bed. It was an old lady. I was frightened and thought it was someone a bit like my great gran, but she was still alive at the time, so I never did figure it out... Then I saw a ghost when I was in my 20's. Had some very strange goings on in my 30's, nannying in a house that was clearly haunted. Plus had numerous other psychic stuff happen throughout my life.

Monday, 13 May 2019

8th acupuncture appointment...

When the acupuncturist asked me to stop the herbs and a lot of the homeopathic remedies, initially I felt uneasy. I had made good progress on it all. But I was not yet well. I spoke to my naturopath about the changes and her thoughts were that Lyme is such a complex disease, it can be a good thing to change your treatment and bring a surprise attack element to a bacteria, that can and probably will eventually become resistant to what you are doing.

And so, I've settled into a routine with the acupuncturist. Each weekly session leaves me feeling either drained, unwell or both for approximately one to two days, then clears leaving me feeling that bit better. (So long as I stick to the protocol).

The first three occasions were by far the worst. They left me bed-ridden and hurting - in itself not unusual with lyme, but having been with the naturopath it's been a while since I was in that state. There were all sorts of aches and pains associated with the new treatment, but after that, I noticed my lyme symptoms were better. The sharp stabbing pains in my head had ceased. The swelling behind my ears was gone. The pressure I felt in my skull, subsided. There was less confusion and word searching. Less brain fog. Less headaches. Less waking up with the hangover from hell. More remarkable than all of that, my ears, which have been plagued with screaming tinnitus non-stop for two years, began to quieten, so that for parts of some days, I actually didn't notice them.

Needless to say, I'm continuing with acupuncture and the Chinese Medicine protocol for 'wood yin type' - the new diet, exercises, hot baths, supplements, and rest.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Healing Lyme with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture

I'm hardcore me. I went back for more. You see the thing was, by the end of the week I was feeling more like my old self for the first time in ages. My brain felt a lot sharper. I've had way more energy. There can be no denying that once I recovered from the initial healing crisis brought about by the acupuncture, I was left feeling stronger.

This time there was no chicken or fish; only an infrared lamp positioned over my gut, and several needles (complete with electrodes attached) to probe my meridians. I'm going to have to research acupuncture before I even begin to understand it, but from what little I can gather, these stimuli all work together in waking up the brain. Retraining it if you like, to do the multi-systemic jobs it should automatically do within ones body to keep it healthy.

My naturopath is happy for me to trial acupuncture, and with her blessing so am I, even though as I write this, I'm preparing for the next lot of fall out I've been promised.

Weird science.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Chinese Medicine

So the last time I blogged was about juicing celery. Shortly after that my juicer bust. It had been working overtime in the three years I'd had it, so it was hardly surprising. In the meantime, a friend lent me hers and I found out it would only cost £20 more to have my broken one replaced over repaired. The new and improved version has been sat in the hallway for the last hour, and I'm realising I never got back to the blog about the celery juice. Honestly, celery has been going well and I had been doing 'better' energy wise. Has it upped my stomach acid (the reason I went on it)? No, I don't believe it has. So what's next?