Monday, 14 May 2018

Sun Awareness Week and looking after your eyes

SUN AWARENESS WEEK... Prevention is better than cure!

Did you know that... 10% of all skin cancers are found on the eyelid? No. Neither did I. And only 7% of us, when it comes to looking after our health this summer, will put eye damage at the top of our agenda. That's staggering isn't it, but I get it... Having small children, I've been great at purchasing cheap sunglasses over the years. They've been grabbed off my head a lot, stretched, sat on, you know how it goes. Frankly, the only two times that I did wear expensive sunnies, it wasn't pretty. A mate trod on my hard-earned Chianti bought Versace's, and the boyfriend buy Prada pair were stolen off a restaurant table top anyway, (can you believe it?!) which only served to reinforce not spending any money on them. But it's not a good thing is it. Knowing the stats. And knowing Lyme Disease is wrecking my sight too. Blurred vision plagues my eyesight these days, although as I continue with my healthy approach to living, I think they are slowly improving.

Fittingly, it's a beautifully sunny day... for the start of Sun Awareness Week. Vision Express, raising awareness on the matter, have collated five top tips to eye health which are worth casting your all-important eyes over... Take heed of number four all you parents out there. P.S. Did you know they have high quality, value for money alternatives to designer glasses starting at £29? Just saying... 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Lyme Protest in Parliament Square

1st May and the Lyme disease campaign #WakeUpToLyme is all systems go. I went along to support them at the parliament protest today and found a fair few standing together fighting to raise awareness about an ugly disease that is on the rise. Talked to some great people.

It was a beautiful day for it and as I passed the London eye and hundreds of tourists enjoying London in the sunshine, I noted the scaffold covering Westminster. It looks nothing like it usually does. Struck me how it related to Lyme... For how I am on the outside is not at all how I am on the inside.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Helping your Child Lead a Healthy life with Cerebral Palsy

Every Kid Healthy Week April 2018

- Helping your Child Lead a Healthy life with Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a term that encompasses several neurological disorders that permanently affect balance, muscle coordination, and movement. Typically contracted before birth, it affects every part of a child's ability to function and interact with others. Some infants display only mild forms of CP and are able to function fairly well, attend school and make friends among their peer age group. A cerebral palsy diagnosis can have a devastating effect on parents and siblings, including feelings of guilt over potential causes, and due to sibling frustration over the attention required by a child with CP.

For April and Every Kid Healthy Week, it’s important to discuss chronic life-long conditions like cerebral palsy. Developmental Disabilities like CP present serious challenges for parents and children. Understanding the condition helps embrace and navigate through some of the challenges associated with CP, and can also help parents of newborns take preventative measures against a cerebral palsy diagnosis. Please read on to understand more about life as it is with this condition...

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Simply Coconuts Oil - A review

200ml Premium Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This month, Simply Coconuts, a new sensitive skin care brand for babies, announced the launch of its coconut oil. Soothing and free of any chemicals, organically farmed in Sri Lanka, this pure natural coconut oil contains simply coconuts! Cold pressed up to 10 times to release their natural oils and seal in their goodness, it's full of skin-loving vitamins and replenishing fatty acids that can ease sore, dry and itchy skin. How did it fare?

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

It's not Greece and it's not Turkey. It's Cyprus. As large as Cornwall, with two airports bringing countless tourists from mainly the UK, Russia and Germany, to enjoy a handful of destinations mostly along the bottom two thirds of its aqua coloured coastline. We came to Ayia Napa, situated on the east coast, close to the border that splits north and south Cyprus.

I always imagined Ayia Napa to be a place for hipsters and clubbers all rolled into one; clubsters, but that must be a myth? I never saw an inch of nightlife, instead finding families with small babies, enjoying the easiness of the resort and its 'no problem' attitude.

I certainly left my worries behind. I think they may have been dropped on the floor at home somewhere around the time I was emptying the bins, bleaching the bogs, or hoovering - what is it about leaving a clean home?

Thursday, 5 April 2018

If you took a holiday🎵🎵...

...took some time to celebrate, just one day out of life, it’d be, it’d be so nice.

Not one day though, we’ve got away for one entire week. How lovely. A trip that isn’t courtesy of any PR but courtesy of my husband, who works his backside off for us. A  much needed break in the Cypriot warmth together, giving a boost to all. I’ve a sneaky suspicion I might find that wellness I’m in pursuit of here too... wrapped up in the rest and relaxation which only the spring sunshine can bring. (And a charming house with a pool?) The children have swum all morning and I’ve started a new book: Jakob’s Colours by Lindsay Hawdon. Who knows? My Lyme might even allow me to concentrate long enough to read some of it?

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

In pursuit of wellness

After that rather self-indulgent post, I want to write about how good life is. How today, I'm in pursuit of wellness. What steps I'm taking to get better. How I came to take those steps and what they're doing to help me kick Lyme.

First of all, I should say that I am lucky enough to be getting help from a naturopath clinic. NTA in Basingstoke is already proving its worth, for I'm seeing results since starting with them end Nov 2017. But it's not all about the homeopathic remedies and the herbs they have provided me with. It is also about the detox, the diet and the positive mental attitude I've since had to adopt. Since my diagnosis. Since accepting Lyme in the first place.

The next series of Lyme posts, will look at my diet. What I'm learning about food and wellbeing. How it is that what we eat affects our health. Why I'm detoxing and how I'm detoxing. How it's been and how I'm finding it now. Plus, I'll talk about the other wellbeing good health habits I've been propelled toward in recent weeks.