Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Forwarned is forearmed: blog update & Jeremy Hunt

LIFE AS IT IS has taken a back seat while my Lyme disease has been driving. I'm recovering though and wanted to say thanks for supporting me along the way. My numbers on the lyme posts are staggering. Clearly there are lots of you interested in how to recover naturally from a disease that takes out ones immunity. There will be more regular posts and updates coming as the year goes on, for I'm happy to say the tide has turned and I am finally winning my battle against lyme. One of the things I've planned for next month is a one-to-one with MP Jeremy Hunt. I'm making it my mission to have warning signs put up in place, reminding people that ticks are present all over the UK. Not just the New Forest and Scotland. I don't mean to scare people, only to remind them of the unseen dangers, and the havoc these minuscule little creatures can create.

I took this photo in France. Why do we not have anything like this here?

Friday, 17 January 2020

The surprising lives of animals - a book review

TITLE: The surprising lives of animals, how they can laugh, play and misbehave
AUTHOR: Anna Claybourne
ISBN: 978-1-78240-816-1
PRICE: £12.99

Featuring many different animals at play, laughing and misbehaving, it is easy to understand how this beautiful hardback book appeals to all children. Its bright colours and incredible illustrations entice the reader and make it a joy for younger children to look at, while friendly text and stimulating facts entertain older children.

Enriching their understanding of animal life cycles and habitats, they'll discover animal species from around the planet who do some of the quirkiest things in the name of survival and play, different scientists who have dedicated their lives to the animal kingdom, and, be able to learn lots of new words and their meanings with the dedicated glossary.

The writer links animal behaviours together under the headings of HAVING FUN, THINKING AND FEELING, EVERYDAY LIFE, LIVING TOGETHER and SETTLING DOWN. The result is both refreshing and relatable. It's fun to have a book on animals presented in this innovative way, and it must be said, with such exquisite illustrations.

Emma Oliver was gifted this book in exchange for a post on LIFE AS IT IS

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Match A Mummy, The Ancient Egypt Memory Game - A review

Laurence King in partnership with the British Museum are releasing a great new matching game for children. They'll need more than mere memory skills for this one though...

TITLE: Match A Mummy, The Ancient Egypt Memory Game
AUTHOR: Anna Claybourne
PUBLISHED BY: Laurence King
RELEASE DATE: 6 April 2020
PRICE: £14.99

Following hot on our golden-sandal-clad heels and a trip to see the Tutankhamun exhibition (have you been yet?) comes the chance to review the latest product from quirky kids publishing house Laurence King... The Match A Mummy Ancient Egypt Memory Game; out early April.

This product is not only topical to us right now because of our recent museum visit, but also because 8yo Fia has been studying ancient Egypt as part of her school curriculum, i.e. she knows a fair bit about the content. This happens to be 20 matching pairs of 40 cards, and a booklet with explanatory text - for those who aren't so up to date on their ancient Egypt facts - but what a fun way to learn?!

It's a simple and popular concept: locate and match up the pairs.  But use these pairs to learn more about how the Egyptians lived. Children will be encouraged to ask questions, such as 'Why did Egyptians shave their heads but wear wigs? Why did they worship dung beetles? What about the dark eye make-up they used? And which internal organs did they remove before mummification?'


This simple and colourful matching game has proved a big hit at home, with Fia taking the lead and talking about the pairings of fun facts. I think it'll be a huge hit with other parents because it's very different to other pairing games - not relying solely on memory.

Emma Oliver was gifted this game in exchange for a post on LIFE AS IT IS 

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Pure Gold. Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh - A review


Celestial and goose-pimpling, the greatest archaeological find in history, Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibition allows you to leave reality and look beyond our world to another time entirely.

Moving from gallery to gallery, you can't quite take it all in. The art is simply staggering. The fact that what you are looking at; the unveiled mystique of so many intricate wonders which laid buried with the boy King in his Valley of the Kings tomb for over 3,000 years, are all so perfectly preserved, and now here in London on display for the visiting public. Only until 3 May 2020 though, when it makes its way back to Egypt for good. Knowing this, adds a great sense of urgency to behold the treasure.

The canopic jar which guarded King Tutankhamun's liver 

It is a  wonderfully insightful tour, and the audio set is brilliant at £6. The Saatchi space and layout make the exhibition accessible to all. You can take your time and enjoy all you've come to see. Why not spend all morning gawping at for example, the splendour of the gold inlaid canopic coffinette - its first time ever out of Egypt? And revel in the stories that accompany these fascinating relics; such as the eerie tale of conflict relating to the silver trumpet - which every time sounded, was followed by an outbreak of war.

This exhibition is a chance to revel in wonder, and as such, should not be missed. Children will be as captivated as the adults, and families really ought to take advantage of the holiday deal offering a unique glimpse into an intriguing world which has all but disappeared. Mind blowing.

"Mummy, come see. There's something unbelievable." Here my 8yo and 11yo are enjoying the family friendly audio tour of the Tutankhamun exhibition at London's Saatchi gallery which wowed us all at the weekend. It was the launch of the Family Holiday Pass Deal.

Tickets are on-sale now via and Family Holiday Passes are also available for a limited time only, where a family of 4 can visit from £70 + booking fees.

  • Cost: £70 + booking fees when paid for in advance online OR £80.50 from the Box Office
  • Includes entry for 2 Adults and 2 Children OR 1 Adult and 3 Children
  • Valid only for the 9am time slot on weekdays from Monday 16 until Tuesday 31 Dec
  • Children this pass applies to are aged 16 and under
  • Children aged 3 and under go free
  • Limited availability, so book now to avoid disappointment!

  • Exhibition: TUTANKHAMUN: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh presented by Viking Cruises
  • Venue: Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's HQ, King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4RY
  • Dates: Saturday 2 November 2019 – Sunday 3 May 2020
  • Opening Times:
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday – Open from 09:00 with last entry at 17:30
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday – Open from 09:00 with last entry at 20:30
  • A timed entry system is in place, with tickets allocated every half hour
  • You may spend as much time as you like enjoying the exhibition but please note that the gallery will close 90 minutes after last entry
  • The average length of stay is between 60 and 90 minutes
  • N.B. The gallery is closed on Christmas Day (Wednesday 25th December)

Emma Oliver was gifted this press trip in exchange for a post on LIFE AS IT IS 

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Framed - Five gold rings

Advent countdown has begun and the lane that we live on is marking it with decorated windows again this year. Having the 5th of Dec meant of course that we had to go with 5 gold rings!

Saturday, 30 November 2019

A suppressed immune system? (Fighting Lyme naturally).

A suppressed immune system?

Having chronic lyme means you don’t tend to get a lot of colds. The immune system is simply too suppressed to react to viruses. That doesn’t mean we don’t have those viruses taking root in our body, just that we aren’t developing a cold to kill them off. 

That in mind, I'm celebrating the fact that I've had a stinker of a cold, complete with chest infection over the last ten days and therefore my immune system did not only kick in, but with the help of acupuncture, echinacea, dandelion and fennel, has completely kicked the virus! In short, my body has done exactly what it's meant to do. For the first time in 4 years.

The alternative medicine programme is working. I can see progression on two counts: First the digestive system wakes up, and now the immune system. After so many years of neither working, trust me, this is pinch yourself stuff. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Recovering Stars - A poem

Recovering stars

Completely well is in touching distance

Like the stars in the night sky, shining so brilliantly they’re tangible

Clearly reachable

And as I stretch toward their brightness, the shadow behind begins to dance

And I too dance

For I now know, it is the shadow

That helps us recover stars.