Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Recovering Stars - A poem

Recovering stars

Completely well is in touching distance

Like the stars in the night sky, shining so brilliantly they’re tangible

Clearly reachable

And as I stretch toward their brightness, the shadow behind begins to dance

And I too dance

For I now know, it is the shadow

That helps us recover stars.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Treating late-stage Lyme disease naturally, not with antibiotics

If you've got late-stage Lyme, I can't shout loudly enough about treating it naturally. When I think about all the supplements I take, yes they're not cheap, but they are helping me recover naturally, and I'm seeing great gains. Antibiotics are way more expensive, and continued use of these over the years will mean that in the end, your body will pay the ultimate price.

From what I have read on the matter, when it comes to late-stage Lyme and other tick-borne disease, those that take antibiotics, do so for long periods of time. This of course is at great risk to an immune system that is either already weak or frankly non-existent due to the ever-breeding cycle of bacteria wreaking havoc - as it does in the case of someone with late-stage Lyme.

These patients appear to live in hope financially, physically and emotionally, that each cycle of antibiotic treatment will be their last. Will be the one that wipes out the bacteria for good. However, you then hear of people saving money (we're talking tens of thousands), to get themselves to specialist clinics for IV antibiotic treatment, as the afore-mentioned has not worked. What makes people think that this treatment will be any different? Desperation. In the long term, do you ever hear or read stories of how these patients are health-wise ten years after having intravenous antibiotics?

We know the tick-borne bacteria is clever. That it shape-shifts. That it fools the immune system into cohabiting within the body. Well, my belief is that the Lyme bacteria is so stealth-like, antibiotic treatment will never quite be able to zap absolutely all of it. Along with the fact that every month a new batch of bacteria hatches out; probably adjusting to meet its new conditions. As well as being capable of moving into cyst form as it wishes - which of course would be as it was being targeted by medicine - rendering antibiotic treatment worthless. And then, weeks, months, years down the line, when more favourable conditions return, it can of course begin to replicate, all over again.

As I said at the beginning... 'If you've got late-stage Lyme, I can't shout loudly enough about treating it naturally.'

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Fighting lyme disease with Chinese Medicine

On World Mental Health day, I'm sharing this pic of the supplements I take to support my immune deficient, nutrient depleted self. As advised by the doctor treating me. This lot, three times daily, because Lyme disease strips the system, thanks to the ever-breeding cycle of bacteria running amok.

My brain has been to hell and back thanks to tickborne disease and I've suffered lots with my mental health over the years, as lyme attacks the nervous system.

Thankfully the treatment I'm getting now means the brain inflammation is so much better... I've been reading books again. I've been able to express myself again. Able to speak eloquently again. To join in again. Late-stage Lyme disease is scary. At my worst I had dementia. And suffered seizures. I've never been so frightened. I still forget stuff but I am so much better that I was. The Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment I receive weekly is actually working, and I'm happy to say I'm excited about the future. Recently, my gut has started working again... I'm waking up hungry for the first time in four years. It's astonishing; a bit like waking from the dead. Small steps, yet ones that feel huge to me.

 If you've got late-stage Lyme, I can't shout loudly enough about treating it naturally.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Lyme disease and menopause

Three months on, here I am again, back to report on how I'm doing having come completely off HRT. (HRT? Yes, thanks to a full hysterectomy in 2016, courtesy of Lyme disease playing havoc with the endocrine system, I was put on 75mcg of Oestrodot overnight).

So what happened? Tits sagged, eyes sagged, gut sagged? Perhaps a little! And yes, my Lyme regressed. As the Chinese Med doc suggested it would. And together with no downtime as a result of the school holidays, I found myself back to boringly bedridden for a burst. It was a case of riding it out, and thanks to the help of good friends and grandparents alike, I took the time to rest and gather my energy and sense of recovery once more.

After getting better to a degree and feeling so good in May, it was a huge surprise to remember exactly how Lyme and co-infections hit hard. Symptoms literally blow you away, as you helplessly sit by and watch your body fail, multi-systemically. First thing I noticed this time were the lumps and bumps of Bartonella as it marched over my scalp, resulting in a head that was painful to lay down. Then came the headache and hangover feeling each morning, temperatures, uncomfortable aches and pains, memory loss, weight loss and of course exhaustion; all courtesy of the Lyme and Babesia bacteria also gaining a foothold.

Along with acknowledging the bacteria, I also weathered the usual kind of menopause mayhem. Crazy hot, freezing cold, insomnia, feeling teary over the slightest thing.

For all the emotional upset however, I never endured the see-sawing moods and irrationality that can arise due to a sudden departure of oestrogen. I wonder if this is down to the weekly acupuncture I've been receiving? Or the diet and supplements this new form of Chinese Medicine dictates? Natural oestrogen's, Wild Yam and Rhodiola Rosea included.

So where am I now? Not doing too badly at all, safe in the knowledge that my lyme disease and co-infections are no longer able to hide behind HRT - which helps to mask symptoms. Instead, after the chronic fatigue passed, miraculously I realised my body was starting to work again for itself. For example; waking up hungry! Hunger pangs are something that haven't happened since 2015, so at first I worried about this rather strange sensation, wondering what was wrong? Of course as soon as I realised it was a natural sensation, there was only delight at the prospect of remembering what it was like to have an appetite.

In the last couple of weeks, we had a huge upset here. The emotional trauma of a bereavement on top of my continued recovery has been okay though, so I'm hopeful my path to recovery can only continue in the positive direction it is once again following. Give it a few more weeks and I really believe that the energy I felt prior to coming off the HRT will return. It is an exciting prospect.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Fighting lyme naturally during the menopause - the final hurdle

My Chinese Med Doctor told me, in order for the true treatment of my lyme disease to begin; to truly balance my system, I have to come off HRT. COME OFF HRT. Yeah right, whatever!

If you read LIFE AS IT IS, you'll know that since starting Five elements TCM, I've seen great gains, and although admittedly, at first I felt A LOT worse when I dropped my HRT from 75mcg to 50mcg - I almost cancelled New York, I then picked up, as he had suggested. A few weeks on, my body stabilised, and New York was a walk in the (Central) park.

A week ago today, I got brave and dropped my HRT from 50 to 25. A few hot flushes and a few headaches later, (and not the sort that I associate with the killer head of lyme disease), I'm doing more than fine, so guess what? Today, I've really gone for it... from 25 to 0mcg. I've literally just taken the final patch off. How liberated and empowered do I feel?!!

Not sure what sort of week lay ahead, but with a positive mind and natural oestrogen x 2: Wild Yam and Rhodiola Rosea in my system, I'm going for it, pleased to be free of synthetic hormones that are screwing my endocrine system as far as making a full recovery from Lyme disease.

The moral of the story? Trust your body. I'll check back to report on withdrawal.

Thursday, 30 May 2019


Taken from Bar Sixty-Five, The Rainbow Rooms, Rockefeller Centre

New York. Travelling with Lyme. Could my energy hold up? Would I cope? Yes and yes. Using my senses to take me where I needed to go when. And my journalistic skills too. This photo is taken from the Bar Sixty-five restaurant (on the 65th floor above the Rockefeller centre), from the gorgeous restaurant that adjoins the Rainbow Rooms, my thanks to them for miraculously finding us a table in exchange for the mention here on LIFE AS IT IS. Delicious food with stunning views. Be sure to reserve a table well in advance of travelling, and for sometime around dusk to watch magical Manhattan as it changes from light to dark.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

What happens next? A trip to New York

A trip to New York.

Only a bloody trip to New York. With three friends. We all worked out there together 25 years ago as nannies. In Connecticut. We would travel to Manhattan at weekends and party like it was 1999. Accept it was 1994 and 25 years on, we're having a reunion. A gift to ourselves that we have been looking forward to for six years... when we began saving £20 a month. Flight and Airbnb booked, and this week, we're off. How exciting!