Saturday, 19 January 2019

Healing from Lyme naturally - The benefits of celery juice (1)

Each morning I drink a pint of freshly juiced celery juice. I started this a month ago when I read its cluster salts are beneficial to recovering ones health. This was encouraged by a fellow lyme sufferer who like me discovered she has zero stomach acid. The idea being that drinking the celery each morning on an empty stomach will give you stomach acid for the rest of the day to help you absorb any nutrients. I have noticed better energy levels so there may well be something in this. I'll be adding to this post at a later stage to see if it has any other obvious benefits. In the meantime, it does taste slightly better one month on!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Healing from Lyme naturally - Drinking water

Owning your disease... controlling your lyme symptoms and helping rid the body of toxins created by pathogens drawn out by a lyme diet.

Healing naturally from lyme takes a lot of hard work. There's a routine to get into and rules to abide by and frankly, it's dull. However, as I'd rather my life was dull and not painful - I've managed over the last 12 months to find a rhythm with it all that I'm comfortable with. The party loving/coffee relying/choc-o-holic in me never saw that coming.