Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Musings of a 4YO - a final ever for Esme

The girls are off out this morning to the library (bit slow in getting the Creepy Crawling reading challenge off the blocks, but hey, better late than never right?) when Esme turns to Sofia with such enthusiasm:

E: Sofia, isn't it brilliant that I don't have to go to school anymore?

FOOTNOTE: Oh how this final 4YO musing is tinged with sadness. For me as her mummy, for Sofia as her sister, but also for Esme herself. Oh sweet child of mine, how the wheels are going to fall off my darling. For you do have to go to school again, and soon.

No matter how much you, my highly strung 4YO have wound me up on occasion over this long summer break, I have loved every minute of having you around - and not having to share you with school. I know your little sister feels exactly the same.

And when Esme, you return next week as a YEAR ONE, (at just turned five-years-old), I can safely say that Fia and I will both be missing you, far too much.

Love to...

... stop and post, but I've got a busy week ahead. The Esme Grace and the Sofia Faith of the GraceFaith blog turn 5 and 2 this week, which means cake making, party throwing, hula dancing, clown acting, and generally being manic mum.

Yes, we've finally come home from fabulous hols, and motherhood for me as I usually know it, returns this week. Oh and to top the lot, I have a deadline for a script. Yep, I'd say the holiday is over. Hell, it was a good run huh?!

Although I have to note Esme's musing from this morning. Back soon then, with what will be the final musing of a 4YO.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

1Grace1Faith - It's all about the time out

Back from a wonderful holiday, which I'll post about another time. Off tomorrow on yet another: Me and my girls down to the coast to stay with great friends.

Loving this Summer...

Loving my 1Grace1Faith...


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Product review - AQUA EARS

AQUA EARS soft silicone earplugs

We all know ear infections can cause our children pain, so if we can avoid them, why wouldn't we?