Thursday, 8 August 2013

Product review - AQUA EARS

AQUA EARS soft silicone earplugs

We all know ear infections can cause our children pain, so if we can avoid them, why wouldn't we?


Age suitable for: three years plus

Available from: larger Boots stores

Priced at: £4.99

What you get: 3 pairs of plugs in a carry case

Used for: Protection of ears for swimming, bathing, studying and loud events

Esme has had her fair share of swimming lessons over the last couple of years. I'm afraid to say she has also had her fair share of ear infections as a consequence.

But I'm starting to think that will no longer be the case, for here, in a case of their own, are AQUA EARS. 

Yes, sat in a neat little handy carry case, are three pairs of ear plugs, that should make Esme's ear infections a thing of the past.

AQUA EARS are manufactured by Cirrus Health care, from soft silicone that contains ACTIValoe™ a powerful anti-microbial agent, something that will help ward off unwanted bugs that may be lurking in the water.  

On holiday in Spain last week in the pool, Esme and her friend Taylor, put the Disney Pixar Finding Nemo & Princess Ariel soft silicone earplugs to the test. They were kid-friendly in more ways than one, for yes they have fun themes, but they were really easy to insert.

I moulded them to the shape of the ear, so that they provided the girls with a comfy seal. They could still hear perfectly well too which surprised me. It meant that their ears were not going to have any water penetration at all though, ensuring their ear canals remained protected.


The only thing I would say to look out for is that after the AQUA EARS have been inserted in the ears once, the transfer image of the character, Nemo, Ariel, or whichever (there are quite a few to choose from), won't remain. I thought it best to point this out to the girls before using them, to avoid disappointment.

Also, my almost two-year-old Fia, was very interested in the earplugs, saying 'sweeties' and pointing at the case, so you would definitely need to keep them out of the way of any little ones.


The Aqua Ears are fun character earplugs that are safe, comfortable and waterproof, and come in pairs of three, in a waterproof carry case. At £4.99 they're good value for money too, as they're reusable.

And of course, they're not just for the protection of any water bugs, but also for the protection of harsh noise - my guess is that I'll be taking them to the firework display with us in November.

Disclosure: I was sent AQUA EARS as a gift to review on the GraceFaith blog LIFE AS IT IS

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