Saturday, 27 July 2013

Beside the seaside, beside the sea

Last year's holiday to Lyme Regis

So by now, my LIFE AS IT WAS, featured a ten-month-old and an almost four-year-old. And, it has to be said, a few more grey hairs. 

It was about this time, Simon and I went camping to Dorset for a holiday, prior to visiting Weymouth for the Olympic sailing event.

Our campsite was found by chance, and very nice too. But we soon discovered nearby Lyme Regis, and the campsite was rendered useless... for frankly, what a gem is Lyme! I foolishly assumed that it was another toilet of a place like 'BOGnor' - how wrong was I. (Sorry any Bognor lovers out there, but really, the word Regis is the only thing the two resorts have in common). 

The great thing about Lyme, is, it is all so accessible. Once there, you don't need a car; such a boon. Although the hill up to the high street from one end of the bay, is quite a climb. Argh! It's good for you!

Esme will tell you the bubblegum flavoured ice-cream is what is best about the place (wince wince, yes it really is that colour blue). And Sofia would argue that the sand was far better; I literally could not stop her eating it! 

But hubby and I would shout about the lot; the facilities, the restaurants, the amenities, the entertainment (there's so much going on for kids), and would insist the jolly seaside holiday vibe is what's best about the place. We loved it. Even in the rain! In fact, we loved it so much, that we booked to go again this year. 

And that holiday is almost upon us. Yippee. No tent this time though... it wasn't bad, but the pesky seagulls woke us up by 5am everyday. I suppose we could have that again this year as we're in one of the chalets by the water? I'll invest in ear plugs and it'll be great! 

I have these idyllic notions of getting up, going crabbing, painting stones, eating ice cream, (even the blue stuff), building sandcastles and genuinely falling in love with Lyme Regis all over again. 

Particularly as it will be Regatta and Carnival week while we are there. This means a teddy bears parachute jump, balloon races, duck races, egg catching & pavement art competitions, fireworks, town bands etc. I'm telling you, a holiday for small kids doesn't get better! 

Deep down, I think Simon and I already know, we'll return with our 1grace1faith, beside the seaside, beside the sea, every Summer throughout their childhood. At least that is, until they reach the point when they say, 'No you very uncool parents, this year we don't want to come to Dorset...' But could that happen with a place like Lyme? I'm putting a fiver on the donkey derby, not. 

For more info on Dorset's magical family resort, check out the Lyme Regis official tourist information site