Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Even more down to earth with a bump (13)

continuing my record of Sofia Faith's pregnancy

Has been a positively lovely week. It started with a chilled out weekend and a wonderful MLD massage which gave me a real boost of energy. Lately I've felt exhausted just climbing the stairs.

I went out for a meal with some girlfriends and actually felt normal again - not pregnant. I enjoyed myself immensely. Probably haven't done enough of that, these last few weeks.

I ticked off two of the three outstanding pieces of work I'd left to write and put feelers out for the fourth. I am getting there. I suppose writing really ought to take a back seat and I should pack that hospital bag!

Esme has been both settled and happy. AND talking about the baby a lot more than usual. As if she knows it's soon. It is just as well she is being so good for me in the day – I am not sleeping well at night. My bump is cumbersome and uncomfortable. Plus I've had thrush as well this week. Sorry about that. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Began with a trip to the midwife and a test for Group B Strep. I am so concerned the result will be positive… it's not even that I had it last time with Esme, but I'm aware of being hooked up to monitors and drips like I was with Esme. And I so want it all to be as natural as possible this time.

The good news is that my midwife said my iron count is amazing, something to smile about. The not so good news is that the baby is still presenting back to back (just like Esme did). And it's big. I'm measuring two cms bigger than I am weeks. If that’s still the case next visit, the plan is to send me for a scan.

The midwife (a new lady I'd not seen before) broke the news to me that I have one stretch mark on the underside of my belly. She seemed almost gleeful about it. I was less impressed with her for saying so, than I was with the fact of having a stretch mark.

My thrush is no better. The cream has done 'f' all. In fact this evening, it seems to be back with a vengeance. How uncomfortable am I... this baby has got to come out soon.

Okay okay, so I've treated the blasted thrush again, internally this time. I so hope to see an improvement as I’ve been seriously sore. I had planned to get my leg over* this week to try and induce babe, but no chance of that now.

I've had more backache, and some shooting pains in my fanny region. I'm so fed up with being up the duff now. On a more positive note…

I received the result of the GBS test and at this point it is negative. How hopeful is that?

I've managed a couple of decent nights sleep, although I'm waking too early. Ha! Must get used to it I suppose. 

I completed the last few pieces of work I had to get in this week. It's time to stop for the present. 

And of course it is week thirty-seven! It is inside me fully cooked! Yes. Our baby is ready to be born… I made it. And equally aware of that fact is my darling OH. 

I'd fallen asleep (in a pool of dribble – like you do), and woke up to find Simon sat beside me with his hand resting on my bump. He'd looked straight at me all teary and said, ‘You've only gone and done it. You've made us a baby! I didn’t think we would ever get there’.

N.B. Remember, all things pregnant/miscarriage/birth are just as bigger an emotional deal for the father of the baby, as the mother of the baby. FACT.

*When I type 'leg over', you know I don't actually mean that right?! In my current state, these legs of mine, aren't going anywhere - over or under or otherwise.

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