Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What to take on hols with you when going abroad...

Holidaying abroad list
Passports, tickets, travel Insurance docs, EH1C cards, voucher for car park & car rental the other end, car seats if taking. Info on what to do, guidebook, baby sitting service, best restaurants 

Things to do for the kids in transit, sticker books, magazines, aqua drawing pads, pads, pens, finger puppets, plasticine, stories, cards.

Lollipops or sucky sweets for take off & landing. Plus an endless supply of snacks & drinks

Gloves, hats, sun hats and scarves 
(weather dependent)

Kids tops & bottoms & dresses

Nappies/wipes & swim nappies (if req)

Mum clothes

Dad clothes
Swim suits, wet suits, armbands                  
Beach towels & towelling robes
Bottle opener, coffee pot & coffee 
(those being my personal essentials).
Games, cards etc

Camera, video

Books, magazines


First aid, Calpol, Paracetamol, sun screen, After sun, Mosquito repellent

Toilet bags - adults & kids – miniature bottles

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