Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Even more down to earth with a bump (14)

continuing my journey of Sofia Faith's pregnancy

This week I’ve had no niggles whatsoever and the backache and period pain has ceased. The thrush however is still present. Persistent or what? The midwife said the conditions 'down there' are perfect for it to thrive. Have invested in a hefty probiotic tablet to try and counteract it. I hear that the probiotic is also good for preventing colic. We will see... but that would be amazing.

I'm almost there; approaching my due date. I'm feeling very positive. At this point in the pregnancy, I'm happy that our baby is getting to develop its lungs fully, although I'm aware that the babe is getting bigger every day. ;-(

At night time, I'm now waking up at least four times for a wee. ;-(

The baby is not engaged or even remotely low for that matter. Apparently baby number two doesn't necessarily engage - they pop in and out and up and down all the time. Come to think of it, Esme didn't engage fully either. She was very high up, when I was induced and she was forced into making her journey out of me way before she was ready. She was so poorly though. (I'd use a further sad face here but it goes against the writer in me).

The midwife measured me and I am 44cms. SHOCK! HORROR! A whole four cm bigger than I ought to be. (If you go by the books that is). Pah! What do the books know?! However, I have galloped in size. 

They're sending me for an obsterician appointment. Not just because I'm measuring big for dates but because my urine sample has shown  up a high white cell count. Of course this indicates infection. And yes, I still have thrush. I'm actually rather worried now.

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