Monday, 1 July 2013

Ahoy there mates! About that there Bounty of freebies, and a whole lot more, that you don't necessarily want...(2)

I had two children three years apart and each experience with the Bounty rep was negative. Sadly. Although the first was far worse. 

I do not like that Bounty dress up the fact that they're after personal details. Our rep made out she was our sole way into claiming child benefit. 

Both my husband and I felt duped by her, a 'sales' rep. She was unprofessional, uncaring and clearly working on a commission basis. 

Furthermore, my firstborn was receiving special care for ten days and had cannulas spewing out of her. I did not want her photographed. I did not want to remember my neonate like that. I was feeling guilty about it already, but the Bounty rep, made me feel even worse about it. In the end, she pressured me so much, I had the picture taken. I have to say, I have never looked at it. 

I understand that not all Bounty reps are necessarily as unprofessional as the one we met. That some may even be a comfort and support to new mums. But the fact remains, they ought not to be able to approach you on the ward with the ill-bedside manners that so many mothers have since reported, and that I, certainly experienced. 

Perhaps, they should be stationed in a side room where mums could approach them if they were interested? So that new mums could, if they wanted to, take advantage of the Bounty rep services in their own time. Instead of what I felt happened to my family; having the Bounty rep, take advantage of us.  

And so, the debate continues... want to have your say? Please comment below.

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