Thursday, 13 December 2012

12 days to Christmas (with a mischievous toddler in tow)

Day 1: Put the tree up and admire it's beauty.

Day 2: Place presents that are already received around the foot of the tree, and admire it some more.

Day 3: Remove all the presents from around the tree until ready to open.

Day 4: Move the tree to a more secure location.

Day 5: Try to decipher which is the tree and which is Sofia Faith, for every time she goes anywhere near it, she ends up with more and more lametta tinsel attached to her.

Day 6: Notice that what was a ton of lametta tinsel, is now a few strands.

Day 7: Spend the entire time chasing Sofia Faith who is wandering with baubles, back and forth.

Day 8: Move the baubles to higher branches well out of her reach.

Day 9: Move all remaining dec's to higher branches well out of her reach.

Day 10: Introduce some toddler friendly dec's to the tree at Sofia Faith's level.

Day 11: Remove the toddler unfriendly dec's

Day 12: Admire the tree in its half-dressed state, and then admire my beautiful and mischievous 15MO

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