Sunday, 2 February 2014

5/52 The GraceFaith year long art project

Choosing a favourite piece of art, each week of the year.

Excuse the blur, she was so excited and proud,
it was impossible to ask her to keep still

Esme Grace's school has recently been studying puppetry. 

Of course, my 5YO who loves art, has thoroughly enjoyed the puppet making merriment. 

The same day that school invited a puppet company to perform, Esme came home and made these two puppets all by herself.

I must say this has helped her with all aspects of development. Particularly though, her confidence in dramatics. 

Esme's story-telling has become much more advanced. With a real sense of performing. 

This sense of performing has led to a taped out stage in the front room - with our curtains adding to the effect. 

Of course her sister Sofia Faith has also gotten in on the act. When she feels like it that is. 

In truth, it has been both entertaining and heart-warming. A lot like the girls themselves.