Friday, 21 February 2014

The Baby Show Excelled

Today saw the first baby show of the year over at London's ExCel centre, and everything bump and baby that you could possibly need (or not) as a parent to be/parent was showcased. All the latest gadgets and gismos were there to be tried and tested, along with team this and brand that…. 

For me as a journalist of parenting mags however, it wasn't about schmoozing with the brands. It was about meeting mums. Entrepreneurial mums. I love hearing the stories of extraordinary women, who via motherhood have stumbled across something quite randomly genius that has led them to make their mark on the parenting world. 

Women like Rachael Forder, creator of the LumiPotti. A real 'light on' idea for toilet training small children at night. A potty with a built in sensor, that lights up to the movement of a child, (sitting up in bed only, rolling over doesn't count), allowing your toilet training child a level of independence, they may not have had otherwise.

Women like Rachel and Merry from LoveKeepCreate who can turn your most treasured baby clothes that you cannot bear to part with, into beautiful - I mean absolutely gorgeous - keepsakes, such as stuffed animals or quilts; meaning you can cherish your baby in a most unique and special way.

I also enjoyed several guest speakers today, Annabel Karmel the baby nutrition expert, talking about weaning and baby food, Clare Byam-Cook, a former midwife and leading breastfeeding expert, talking about breast being best, and Susie Boone, Editorial Director of MadeForMums, who I've worked closely with over the years reviewing products from car seats to cots, was there hosting a Q&A session about keeping your baby safe on the move. 

Informative and fun, I found the whole experience easy and worthwhile. The venue itself wasn't over crowded or stuffy. There were loads of places to eat, sit down, feed your baby in private, and oh, if you have a bump… wee. 

The Baby Show impressed me today, and I felt my trip to the ExCel was worth writing about and recommending to the blog sphere. So, if you have a bump or a baby (or both) and you can get there this weekend, go for it.  

p.s. If you do go, please check out the fabulous Baby London/Surrey/Hampshire team and their divine magazines!

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