Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Prevention IS better than cure & why you need tick spray in Winter.

The Summer of 2018 brought forth a heat wave that we will all remember, not only here in the UK but around the world. Personally, I've loved the endless days of sunshine, hanging out with my two fun girls on their holiday, at long last being able to enjoy good health courtesy of my Lyme disease diet and the strict naturopath protocol I've mostly adhered to all six weeks, give or take a slice of birthday cake: I can't believe my two have turned another year older, a long with their Great Gran who reached the amazing milestone of 100!

Borne out of continuous warm weather, the heatwave also delivered a tick explosion, alongside which came an unusual string of positive media attention highlighting lyme awareness. But that passed. And as Summer passes too, one wonders if we can now stop worrying about ticks? If we can now let down our guard? The answer is surprising. As September begins and the new school uniforms are washed and pressed ready to go, there is a greater need than ever to remind one and all about keeping safe outdoors, for just because the warm weather comes to an end, it doesn't mean that ticks do.

The need to tick proof our children remains a priority throughout Autumn and into Winter, for ticks have adapted beyond ways you might have considered. They are active at just above freezing temperatures. If the ground is not frozen, you are at risk of a tick bite. It's as simple as that. Those carrying Lyme and other infections are more adept at climbing and lifting up on to their back legs, waving patiently in wait of a host to grab hold of than those that do not carry disease.

I felt very uncomfortable about letting my two go out in the woods ever since my diagnosis, until this Spring that is, when I made contact with Dr Sue Eisen, the founder of Tick Tock Naturals, an organic insect repellent that caught my eye when I was researching a completely natural bug spray to repel ticks and mosi's alike. American born, it promised to do the job, smell great and far from harming the skin, help it. It's tagline? It feels like a luxury skin oil. 

Sounds too good to be true right, for surely any insect repellent strong enough to ward off ticks and mosquitoes has to have a base of strong chemicals such as DEET or Permethrin/Picaridin and is therefore damaging? Refreshingly, no! This one isn't. In fact, it is so harmless, it can be used on a baby.

I'm delighted to report that over the last three months, Tick Tock Naturals has delivered on its promise. Along with bringing me peace of mind and calming the paranoia I felt around my two daughters playing outdoors, it has soothed all our skin and made us smell like lemongrass!

Very little of the oil is needed for each use, so you get value for money. Two pumps in the hand is enough; wiped over any exposed parts of the body - not face - although I do give the girls hair a smooth down too; thanks to its moisturising properties.

Should you want to get hold of the spray, there's a link here, oh and one more thing... and take it from someone who knows, in the case of Lyme disease, prevention would definitely be better than cure. And in some places, that'll be twelve months of the year.

Tick Tock Naturals® Organic Insect Repellent
• Chemical Free and All Natural • All Organic Ingredients
• Pleasant Smell
• Safe for Children and Pets

• Long Lasting
• Concentrated Formula
• Non-Greasy
• Anti –Aging Base Ingredients
• High End Recyclable Packaging • Large Family Size

Active Ingredients: Lemongrass, eugenol Inactive Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil

CAUTION: This product is for external use only. Do not swallow or spray into eyes/face. Adult supervision is required with children. This product is not intended for use during pregnancy.

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