Thursday, 11 February 2016

LIFE AS IT IS - Tummy Troubles

Off for a gastro camera today. Not worried about it although I'm sure it won't be that easy to stomach. There's a question mark over coeliac disease. And not just with me.

Fia had cameras both ends a few months ago due to blood in her stools. After almost a year of wondering, they found and removed a polyp that had been 4x2 cms in size. Huge. Certainly for a wee girlie.

Unbelievably (or perhaps not), the hospital phoned me yesterday to say that they had not tested the blood they took last month correctly, and that she will need yet another blood test. It will be her sixth.

So from a mother who has been told her child is not a coeliac, I now wait to find out again. I now have the pleasure of taking her for another blood test.

And I told her there would be no more needles for a very long time.

That's our current LIFE AS IT IS...

2 comments: said...

Oh this sounds like such a burden - all that uncertainty, and having to put the wee one through unpleasant procedures. I hope they manage to give you proper answers this time.

Emma Oliver said...

Thank you Nel. Sweet of you. Yes it hasn't been easy - but then children rarely are! Seems ages ago we bumped into each other. Hope you are v well x