Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Carefree life, AZ, USA

With its soft colours and calming desert influence, it’s fair to say that Arizona is a carefree state to be in.

However, Carefree, Arizona, 45 miles north of Phoenix, in Maricopa County, is the wild-west town that took on the word and won.

Planned with simplicity in mind, Carefree, founded in the 1950’s, has a population of approximately 4,000.

Inhabitants reside on the likes of Ho Street, Hum Street, While-a-way Lane and Tranquil Trail. They are surrounded by the Sonora desert, whose pastels play backdrop to the indigenous saguaro cacti that stand everywhere, lifting arms in exaltation to the beauty they behold.

What makes Carefree so popular with tourists is that it is a destination geared for complete relaxation. Pool, golf, river or spa, the options for downtime are endless. 

Should you tire of relaxing, there's a whole host of cultural events happening here too, as Carefree draws on Maricopa County’s link with the Pima Indians. 

And not that you'll be able to, but don't miss the largest sundial in the Western Hemisphere. Okay it's never going to be the main reason for your visit, but the art galleries, shops, restaurants and overall carefree atmosphere of this laid back town, most definitely will be.

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Anonymous said...

Ho street! Hum Street! I'd like an address like that - thank you for this

Emma Oliver said...

It's idyllic isn't it? Thanks so much for your comment.