Friday, 8 May 2015

Flair Plasticine (1) - Ninja Turtles Squidgems - A vlog review

Funny little things these.

Plasticine and pop out card pieces that together design Ninja Turtles.

One thought I had, is that they'd make great party favours.

They cost £1.49 each and are available from Flair

Here are the GraceFaith girls working it all out...

Clearly I have yet to work out my vlog taking technique...

If it makes it easier, here are images of the finished products!

Sofia Faith (3YO)
Esme Grace (6YO)

N.B. This product is for 3yrs+ 

Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith girls received Flair plasticine kits in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS.

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