Sunday, 10 May 2015

LIFE AS IT IS This week in... May 2015

Britain turned from red to blue as the Tories swept to victory in the G.E. The other three leaders of the main oppositional parties all resigned. David Cameron pledged to govern as a party of one U.K.

I pledged to teach my eldest how to make a cup of tea, for Esme Grace (our capable 6YO) decided she would make breakfast in bed for her parents, and what's that without a cuppa? (N.B. What's that, happens to be toast with a smidge of jam, minus butter).

As eating habits change for all in our home, Sofia Faith (our feisty 3YO) endured further tests for gut related issues. She astounded me with her bravery dogged attitude first thing Wednesday morning, when she walked into the ward, announcing to the nurse, "You're going to suck my blood."  

I was given a book to take Sofia's mind off things, but she shoved it away, preferring to ask questions and stare at the needle as it was pushed in, and her blood as it was pulled out. Skipping down the corridor she told me, "Thank you Mummy, I had a lovely time." Perhaps there is a doctor in the making? I always wanted to be a doctor until I saw blood. So who knows?

An hour later, perfectly posed for her nursery school photo, it was as if the camera, much like the nurse earlier, had always been her friend. I'm constantly amazed at how Sofia has always appeared far older that she is, and wonder on the fact that she has yet a further year in the nursery environment. Beginning school at already five seems so very odd to us, as Esme was only just four.

This week Simon was home sick with flu like symptoms. Not usually ill, he was pasty and lethargic. And not usually grumpy, he was clearly fed up. 

This was also the week the fairy forgot. Almost. Yes, Esme has been waiting for months to lose her first tooth and finally it happened. Fortunately, I woke up before she did and managed to creep in and plant a coin under her pillow... At which point she shot out from her duvet and swept up the bedding declaring with delight, "The tooth fairy has left money behind." Unfortunately the tooth fairy had also left the tooth behind.

Encased in its own special box, I now need to convince Esme to ask the tooth fairy to take the others, because currently she plans on keeping the lot. 

Meanwhile, her sister has been staring at the mirror happily ever after wishing for her teeth to fall out too, so that she can collect coins and worse still, her teeth. Intrigued by the spot of dried blood on the bottom of Esme's tooth, she enquired, "Mummy, when will I get my blood back?" 

Meanwhile, my own sister flew in from Ecuador with my 9YO nephew and her partner this week. I hung onto her this afternoon. It's only been a year, but in that year, both my parents have been seriously ill, and I've felt her distance more than ever. Esme, Sofia and cousin Tom, ran ragged at Alice Holt. What a super end to the week. I think these grins say it all...  

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