Monday, 15 August 2016

Princess Peppa's Carriage - A toy review

We stop to watch her if we catch her on TV. We've seen her on stage (cue the Bong Bing Boo song), and we would give anything to head back to her theme park once again... so just what is it about the pink phenomenon that is Peppa Pig? 

My kids are 7 & 4 (fast approaching 8 & 5), and we still have the entire Pig family Peppa'd about the house. There are soft toys that hark back to toddler days, there are colouring and story books still very much loved, there's a car which I believe was a first birthday gift, and there's the many little colourful characters and imaginary play pieces we've collected along the way. The entire collection remains relevant to the children, in as much as if I had a sort out and put any of it to charity, my life would not be worth living.
Therefore, when asked if LIFE AS IT IS could review this pretty little Princess Peppa's Carriage, I knew it to be an irresistible ask. This toy would bring my two so much pleasure...

Princess Peppa's Carriage
No assembly required
Ages suitable for: 3+
Price: £19.99
Available from: Smyths

This gorgeous free-wheeling carriage comes with Princess Peppa and Sir George articulated figures which have moving arms and legs. The lid lifts up and you can seat Peppa on the royal throne inside the carriage, and George can drive the horses - and Princess Peppa to the ball. 

Before long, Cinderella was coming to life before my very eyes, as the girls recognised the theming behind the toy and began to play the fairytale out.


Since then, they have gone on to create their very own imaginative stories a plenty, and as predicted have had loads of fun!


Offering plenty of play value, Princess Peppa's Carriage is part of a new and rather charming toy range that is clearly a must have for Peppa fans everywhere.

This is a collaborative post but all thoughts and words (and Peppa obsessions) are my own