Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Mayfair Lady

Emma Oliver heads across town to taste the wares of the newly launched Low Tea at The Luggage Room - notably one of Mayfair’s best-kept secrets…

Imagine you’ve seen the latest exhibition at the Royal Academy and just (window) shopped Bond Street. Now you’re ready for something to eat, but have a dinner booking later. What could possibly fill the gap?

That’s where one of Mayfair’s favourite hideaways, The Luggage Room comes in, for the Grosvenor Square speakeasy retreat with its links to America has coupled up with English tradition to launch London’s first Low Tea. (Low tea being the ‘afternoon tea’ of choice for the upper classes in the 1920s - who traditionally ate savoury foods to sustain them through the afternoon).

Like the food and drink The Luggage Room serves, this pairing is clever. Complimenting the link is the history of the venue. It used to be the old luggage store for the Marriott Hotel it sits beside. Rather wonderfully one gains access by knocking on a secret side door.

Once in, you realise just what a hidden gem the place is. The décor and music immediately begin to help you unwind. Art Deco themed, it’s an intimate and informal setting and 1920s tradition blends with comfort. Sitting cosy, one realises low tea demands a low table – one full of delicious bite-sized creations served in a bespoke old-fashioned wooden case.

America meets England in this feast off. Highlights include smoked eel, horseradish and crème fraiche vol au vents, Devonshire wild boar sausage rolls, venison and duck scotched eggs, a home grown Rum Syllabub and rather wonderfully, as many different blends of tea as you could ever imagine. The Balsamic Hyperion and the Chai are spot on, along with The Luggage Room’s limited edition Pineapple Rum, perfect in complimenting the food and frankly nothing short of delightful. What an ideal place to stop and refuel before stepping out into the busyness of this iconic London area once more…

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