Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A delicate flower - Esme at 8.5

Esme, at 8.5YO you're a delicate flower.

You worry about whether you should stay home with me or go to the pool with Dad and Fia.

I tell you, the pool will be so much more fun; but you think you will be bored.

"What if I don't see any of my friends there?"

"So what if you don't... Daddy and Fia will be your playmates."

"But I have homework to do and it's a nice day, I'd get to have time on my own with you..."

In the end, you decide to swim. You make the right call my lovely girl as I'm about to hoover.

Oh my Esme. At this stage of development, I'm seeing you often worry about the little things. Emotion is creeping in... not quite door slamming, but very much flouncing off one minute, returning for a cuddle the next, bursting into tears and not knowing why. It'll pass chickydoo. Wait and see. I love you.