Friday, 17 February 2017

Garden Design - When Mud turns to Magic - Watch Our Space

I am so excited at the prospect of our new outdoor space. Three weeks in and the landscaping is in full force as the transformation on the garden and drive gets well and truly underway.

Doing the work for us are Ben and Paul of Haslemere Landscapes, who I have to say have so far been great. You'd never think two men could accomplish so much in such a short amount of time... and in such trying conditions.

This week I've been to buy some soil and bulbs to put in and am watching gardening programmes to get an idea of the variety of plants I'll use for colour, height and texture. Over the coming weeks (and months) I'll watch as the walls, borders, planters, seating and steps come to life. There's bound to be a bit of bunting in there somewhere too - if the other half let's me! Watch this our space...

Half the Leylanii has gone making way for the new driveway

The rockery makes its way into Paul's barrow - a patio awaits