Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Ravensburger My First Pets XXL 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle - A review

Ravensburger My First Pets XXL 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle
Available from: Amazon
Age: 8+
Size: 49 x 36cm
Price: £10.98

When I trained as a nursery nurse, I remember observing children in the pre-school setting, sitting and enjoying basic puzzles. Recognising shapes and learning how each piece slotted in to make a picture complete.

My girls also had some of those types of puzzles when they were very small. The Early Learning Centre was still on our high streets then, and produced a gorgeous wooden farm yard puzzle that would make the sound of the animals as they fitted into the correct holes.

Now my girls are 8 and 5, Lego, art and Shopkins have become firm favourites during periods of downtime - the first being a puzzle of sorts. But as to a good old fashioned jigsaw, we've pretty much outgrown/exhausted our selection. I remember my husband saying it would be good to get some new ones for them not too long ago. Hence LIFE AS IT IS jumped at the chance to review the My First Pets puzzle.

Puzzles are great for many reasons. For younger children, shape recognition, hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills are all enhanced. For older children it's memory skills and problem solving along with achievement and team work.

The puzzle was met with mixed feelings; "Oh, it's just a puzzle," said my honest 5-year-old. "But it is pets," said my animal loving 8-year-old. Truth is it's a huge hit. And although quite large, the blue border lines separating each pet, give great clues. It's made from strong card too.

My two have repeatedly put the My First Pets puzzle together; teamwork achieving. It is good to see them doing something educational without them even realising it! Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the quiet calm that the puzzle creates. It is the Easter holidays after all!

Emma Oliver received the puzzle in exchange for a review, all comments are her own.