Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Candy Crush Lip Balms - A review

Candy Crush Lip Balms
Flavours: Lemonade Lake, Chocolate Mountains, Bubblegum Bridge, Peppermint Palace
Available from: Primark
Age: Recommended for 6+
Price: £1.50 each

Sometimes the postman truly delivers. My children were absolutely delighted when they got home from holiday to find not one, not two, but four Candy Crush lip balms on our doorstop for them to try. Shame they never arrived in time to take away to Greece with us - they would have loved the 'grown-up-ness' of the soft and fruity long lasting glaze!

To be honest, the reason behind my accepting the offer of a review for these was slightly off-piste. You see, Fia (my cheeky almost 6yo) had been asking for chapsticks forever, and in a bid to encourage dry nights (sigh) I had dangled them from a virtual string.

Fia had earned three of the four lip balms so I said hopefully, "You really ought to let Esme have the fourth." And then something surprising. Sofia replied, "No Mummy, I want to share them with Esme. She can have two." Delighted, I eventually closed my mouth.

The four flavours all sound scrummy (not that they are to eat of course) but the Candy Crush label means they were only ever going to sound delicious and leave a great taste on your lips. At this point, I ought to mention they are designed for children ages 6 and up, although this is of course at your discretion... Younger children could easily think they were edible? Or something to write with? Read on.

Since birth my girls have suffered with allergies, especially Esme who will react in severe eczema outbreaks to cheap skin products. It surprised me that these lip balms have not made her lips dry and crack. It sounds daft doesn't it, but we have tried others and found this to be the result? Cheap make up will definitely do this, so I'm pleased to write that even with repeated application, the Candy Crush Lip Balm's have had no such effect.

On which note I ought to write about price. At £1.50 for one, these products aren't necessarily cheap. However, they are great quality and the old adage that you get what you pay for is certainly true of these.

One week on and are they still a hit? Yes, Esme is using her Peppermint Palace and Bubblegum Bridge religiously, and in this hot weather, they're great to have in her school bag. Fia would be, but alas was caught using them yesterday to draw on the window sill, so is currently without them for the rest of the week. Seriously? What to do with her? Answers on a postcard please...

Disclaimer: We were sent four Candy Crush lip balms for the purpose of this honest review