Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Acknowledgement + acceptance = recovery - A poem

To bridge the void that lay between dis-ease and wellness.

Two steps must be taken...

Steps that are key to recovery:

Acknowledgement and acceptance.

For how can you overcome something that doesn't yet exist?

Sure you had the diagnosis, but look at you, carrying on as if nothing's changed.

Well, guess what?

It has, and it will catch you up.


The kid-napper, the hi-jacker.

Acknowledgement and acceptance.

Ignored by the foolish.

Admitted by the battle weary brave.

As the start of a bloody long road.

To be travelled down

Belief your companion.

A belief that you can get better.

Acknowledgement and acceptance

Allow you to begin to help yourself.

To let others in.

For things have changed.

You have changed.

You are missing.

For now.

And even though you are not the person you used to be.

You are still you.

But a you that since acknowledging your disease.

Since accepting your disease,

Can begin to find peace.

For only then will you stop fighting for normality.

And start fighting for recovery.

Hot on the heels of this post about my acknowledgement and acceptance of having Lyme Disease.

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