Friday, 20 July 2018

Ruby Red Shoes - a book review

Details: Children's hardback picture book
Title: Ruby Red Shoes A Very Aware Hare
Author: Kate Knapp
Published by: MacMillan
ISBN: 9781509891894
Price: £9.99

This charming book was given to my two daughters by an Australian friend several years ago as it was first published there in 2012. We have cherished it ever after and my girls have grown to love it. As all great classics, it has proved itself timeless, bridging the gap from toddler to now almost 10-year-old.

Perhaps the reason for this are Kate Knapp's lyrical story and stunning illustrations. Paying great attention to detail, the cosy and bright water colours invite the reader in, every bit as the text. Both are playful and gentle, reminding each and everyone of us - not just children - what ought to be important in life: the simple things!

Ruby herself is a delightful protagonist. 'An aware hare' who lives consciously from day to day, enjoying everything about each day's routine, from the veg patch to her dumpling of a cuddly grandmother.

This book is so beautifully observed and elegantly written; wise and poetic. It is not at all surprising to find that six years down the line, Ruby Red Shoes A Very Aware Hare is being published again here in the UK. I'm pleased for Kate, and I'm pleased for Ruby, who remains every bit as fresh and fun for her new larger audience, who in no doubt will love her every bit as much as my two girls still do.

We can't wait to read the next instalment of Ruby's adventures, when she visits Paris this September! Look out for a LIFE AS IT IS review late summer.

Emma Oliver received a copy of Ruby Red Shoes A Very Aware Hare in exchange for this review, all ideas and comments are my own

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