Friday, 13 December 2013

The wonder of the TIDLO BALANCE BIKE - A review.

Price: £64.95
Made by: Tidlo
Dimensions: 36cm (w) x 52cm (h) x 78cm (l)
Available from: Butterflies & Dragons website
Suitable for: ages 3-10years

Balance bikes are lightweight, meaning small children can manage them easily. They have a low centre of gravity and a very clever design, so they're both easy to manoeuvre and absolutely stable.

The Tidlo balance bike is wooden with a plastic seat and handlebars. It comes in basic blue or red, or gorgeous girlie pink with flowers.


I would never have believed it to be true, but balance bikes really do work, i.e they enable children to go straight from a balance bike to riding a pedal bike without stabilisers. Consequently, I think all parents of small children need to know about them! 

We first brought ours for Esme, a couple of years ago when she was 3yo. Over the year she had lots of fun 'wheeee-ing' around everywhere. Her glide ride became something that was second nature to her, pushing herself along, getting up speed and then lifting her legs up to enjoy her efforts.

The day she turned 4, we gave her a pedal bike, and she amazed us by getting straight on it and going. Here she is in action that very birthday…

Her little sister Sofia (a determined and physically able just 2yo), is already an accomplished balance bike rider. I have no doubt that she will be on a pedal bike sooner than later, thanks to the balance bike training. 

You will have to assemble this product, but it comes in three pieces and is really easy to do.


Both girls have enjoyed their balance bike experience; the fun factor is second to none. However, not only are balance bikes groovy, they give your child the physical strength needed to eventually push pedals, building not only muscle power, but confidence too.

What is surprising is the way they've learnt to balance all by themselves without realising it, and fundamentally learnt the all-important skill of riding a bike with ease. Safe and stress-free.

Disclaimer: I was not sent anything to write this review. I just happen to think parents of small children need to know about the balance bike product. After all, anything that makes our kids' lives easier, makes our LIFE AS IT IS as parents' easier! 

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