Wednesday, 27 August 2014

10 of the best Lyme Regis finds...

We thought this Jurassic coast 205,000,000 year-old ammonite was our best Lyme Regis find this Summer. But here are ten more hidden gems...

1) Artist Marianne Gibson's studio is on Coombe Street, and she can often be found just inside the door working on her latest piece of art. Her attention to detail left us awe struck, so do enter with caution... you will want to get hubby's wallet out. But that's okay, turns out hubby will probably want to as well. Ph: 01297 443164

2) Also on Coombe Street, is Dinosaurland. A private fossil museum, located in a former church with high ceilings that provide the necessary setting for several impressive skeletal remains. The couple that own it are charming and their fossil knowledge is as remarkable as their collection. How refreshing to find such passionate enthusiasts, who manage to convey the most complicated info, in a logical way to small children. (And me). Ph: 01297 443541

3) Parents? Perhaps on Broad Street, your primary stop ought to be Primary Colours? Quality toys and clothes, we found this a worthwhile stop for the third year running. The end of the Summer holidays for us, brings forth our two daughters' birthdays, and once again we were able to find something for each of them that was both uniquely different and decidedly delightful. The proprietor William, is a gentle man and the perfect person to run such a beautiful children's shop. Pop in and say hi, he will make you and yours most welcome.  
Ph: 01297 445655

4) The Town Mill - off Coombe Street and tucked away in a most attractive square next to a working water wheel, is a lovely gift shop, cafe, and other yummy finds.
Ph: 01297 443579

5) The Bakery - on Coombe Street. With as much as you can eat and freshly baked on the premises, breakfast at this innovative spot could easily load you up for the day. Plus you are guaranteed to make friends along the way.
Ph 01297 444754.

6) Back on Broad Street is Roly's Fudge Shop, where you can actually taste fudge as it should taste, if you know what I mean? No plastic wrapping here. Simply crumbly fudge created in front of your eyes. With smells oozing out the door and up the road, it'll be hard for you to miss this sweet stop.

7) The Whole Hogg Sandwich Shop, also on Broad Street, and as before, with smells oozing out the door and up the road, but also a queue of customers too. Hog roast sandwiches here are clearly in demand.
Ph: 01989 770783

8) Broad Street hosts several pasty shops, but we found the best to be Pasty Presto. They've stopped making their banana and chocolate pasty this year, (SAD FACE), but they have started on a rhubarb and custard one instead, (HAPPY FACE)... Now you may gawk at the idea of a sweet pasty, but way back when, an original pasty was half sweet and half savoury, to keep the miners going, with a two course meal in one. Along with Presto's award winning traditional steak, their are some untraditional varieties, such as lamb and mint, pork, apple and cider, and, my personal fave; Thai chicken.
Ph: 01297 445885

9) Down by the Cobb, The Lyme Bay Sandwich Company on Marine Parade offers great choice. However, the crab baguette would be my only choice - every single day of the week!
Ph: 01297 444299

10). Although a crab sandwich or fish 'n' chips in Lyme are a must, the fish shop itself is one not to miss. Even if you aren't planning on buying. The gallery on the website alone is enough to make you salivate. See what I mean here... Old Watch House
Ph: 01297 444205


Anonymous said...

Primary Colours is a fantastic shop. I could not recommend it more highly. An excellent range of clothes and veryt friendly helpful service.

Emma Oliver said...

I know... indeed. Beautiful stuff. Thank you for commenting!