Sunday, 3 August 2014

My my, what big eyes you have... how phobias begin and other TAILS

Contrary to popular belief, Incy is not Wincy at all. Turns out Incy is bloody massive... and I should know. He was hiding in my laundry basket.

As Sofia Faith (my intrepid 2YO), pointed out the very obvious - 'Mummy, it's a spider,' I screamed and jumped and snapped the laundry lid back down again. Then stood still for a moment in disbelief.

Of course, Fia was then looking at me with that 'I'm wondering if a spider is something I should now be terrified of for the rest of my life look - like my mother clearly is (and hers before her), so I then attempted to play the calm card, realising that phobias begin in exactly this way. "Oh my, that spider made me jump, silly mummy, it is only a spider. It's Incy Wincy. (Ha!) He's come to say hello. Aren't we lucky Fia."

Aren't we lucky? Bloody Nora.

And so... like you do... I chatted to an arachnid lover in North Carolina, who tells me he thinks this is a male Agelenid spider. Most likely Agelena labyrinthica. Completely harmless apparently. And  those bulbous things hanging down are pedipalps, which determine the sex of the spider. Less savvy spider people may refer to pedipalps as boxing gloves. And actually, even lesser savvy spider people (like myself), may refer to them as eyes.

And by the way, if you are wondering, yes I did set it free. Frankly, I was too afraid to stamp on it in case it ate my leg.

So are we born with our phobias - or do we really learn them from others?

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