Saturday, 2 August 2014

A probiotic suitable from birth? A review & in-house experiment (3)

So my in-house experiment with the Bio-Kult Infantis Probiotic, somewhat backfired. And I hate to use the word backfired having had babies that only ever had diarrhoea as a consequence of tummy troubles, but with this trial, that's what happened. Frankly, it showed me that pro-biotics cannot help all babies with gut problems.

I appreciate the comment from Natalie Lamb, a probiotic expert, her  honest explanation. I also want to point out that pro-biotics can help (and do help) many babies and children. And as a mum of babies that screamed in pain A LOT, I would definitely have put them to the test.

Incidentally, my girls have been on a good pro-biotic for the last year, and, co-incidentally, Esme has managed to steer clear of most of the vile tummy bugs that do the rounds at school. When she has had a tummy bug, she has only ever thrown up once - and never had diarrhoea, a far cry from her infancy!

Also, demonstrating how Bio-Kult Infantis will help, is the case study of cute little Leon Clue. Now ten months old.

Leon was born eight weeks premature and taken straight into special care. Weighing just 4lbs, his mother Emma was unable to breastfeed him and so, he was fed a special formula milk through a tube. 

As a result of having this specific formula milk, Leon was left very constipated, with random bursts of diarrhoea. He would cry a lot, his stomach was visibly bloated and his stools were often hard.

At the age of 4 months his mother Emma came across Bio-Kult Infantis, a unique multi-strain probiotic designed specifically for infants. As an owner of a specialist health shop, Emma was one of the first retailers to stock this new probiotic from Protexin Healthcare. Almost immediately, Leon’s symptoms disappeared, his bowels began to work normally and he was experiencing significantly less reflux and sickness.

At the age of 10 months, Leon is still taking Infantis and is on a regular formula milk. Emma reports that his bowels have been working perfectly since and is thriving. He looks like he is too, doesn't he?

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