Wednesday, 17 September 2014

iCandy Emilia East West bag AW2014 - A review

It has been London fashion week after all, so here on the GraceFaith blog, and especially to accessorise with the stylish shoes that Shoe Therapy sent me recently to review, feast your eyes upon one of the collection of brand new baby bags from top Brit baby label, iCandy.
Huh? Baby bag - I hear you gasp, does this mean YOU of all people are having another? God no, don't be silly. As much as I like the ring of a trilogy name wise, Esme Grace and Sofia Faith will remain a further sibling free, and Clementine Hope will remain a figment of my imagination. Come on really... hubby's had the snip - not too mention the fact that I've only just managed to settle into motherhood!

The point is, you don't have to be pregnant, or even a mother, to want to wear one of these baby handbags. This Autumn/Winter 2014 must have, is far more sweet accessory, than it could ever be baby bag. Perhaps that is why iCandy have billed them as a bag collection and not a baby bag collection?

I for one will be wrapping my coffee in the bottle warmer, and stashing my laptop in place of the changing mat before dashing to the office. Yes I already checked. It fits!

iCandy's new stunning collection offers five unique looks, with a style to suit each and every individual. Life As It Is has been sent the East West 'Emilia' in Royal patent to review.

Named after the actress Emilia Fox, it is the special edition of the entire collection, and manages to find elegance and freshness in its classic English look. Apparently, a key part of the initial design stage involved working up ideas that captured Emilia’s personality and charisma. So do I feel as if I have Emilia on my arm? No. But it does lend a welcome sense of confidence and charisma, personality and pulchritude. Something women everywhere ought to at least try to carry.

Back to the bag and the blurb from the press release... The focus of The Emilia patent collection is its structure and simplicity, a striking yet practical design finished with iCandy’s signature hardware and detailing; on-trend rose gold detail on the zips, buttons and hooks of the bag. The Emilia patent collection is available in Ivory and Royal and is priced at £200. 

Steep? Maybe. But from the moment I pulled it out of it's protective bag, I knew iCandy had pulled it out of the bag too. Along with Janet Collin, both mum and designer (ex Mulberry), who wanted to create something that would be beautiful, practical and special.

And on that note, there is something incredibly special about these bags, not least because they are feminine and practical, or of fabulously British quality - in both design and finish, but also because of their link to The Lullaby Trust, a charity offering SIDS bereavement support. £10 of each bag sold, will go towards specialist support for bereaved families and help to promote expert advice on safer baby sleep. And helping to highlight this, by lending her name to iCandy's new addition, is actress and mum, Emilia Fox, ambassador for the Lullaby Trust.

For all those mothers out there that will want to mix motherhood with fashion, and for women everywhere that appreciate the finer things in life, iCandy have come up with the goods again - not to mention an Autumn/Winter 2014 must have.

Life As It Is/Emma Oliver, received an Emilia East West iCandy bag, in exchange for this review. 
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Anonymous said...

oooh that is very pretty. A bit pricey but often quality comes at a price!


Emma Oliver said...

Indeed Louise, thanks for your comment x