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Growing flowers QVC Watch Them Grow Kit review (2)

A full on nine out of ten parents surveyed this year• said they had happy memories of spending time in the garden as a child.

I have. And I would like my two daughters to have those sorts of memories too.

A good way of achieving this, has been with the QVC Watch Them Grow Kit we were sent a few months ago.
What's so great about this kit, is that even if you don't have a garden, it allows you and yours to enjoy growing plants, veg or flowers, on a window sill or some other such sunny spot.

And how important is that? In a recent poll• carried out for QVC, 20% of children, did not know that you can grow potatoes or carrots in the garden. This seems strange until you consider the stats on children today, that have become known as the Indoor Generation. More on that here. But first, a return to this review and how the GraceFaith girls got on with their flower kit. 

In part one of the Growing Flowers QVC Watch Them Grow Kit review (1), we had rather a lot of bad luck with our fresh seedlings. But then we got wise to critters, and one sunflower and a few caterpillar seeds, and two Mexican hats, began to grow well.

Then we went away on holiday. Oh no!

We were so determined to grow these fine few, that we took them all to Lyme bay with us. We nurtured them. Lovingly looked after them. The children watered and talked to them. And without any slugs or snails or puppy dog tails, they all grew into fine young plants.

They travelled well. (Both ways).

They came home and were planted on into much larger pots, and placed in sunny spots, where we hoped we would see them stretch up and blossom - in much the same way as my two children tending for them have done over the recent summer holiday weeks.

And this is where we are now...

Of course, we hope to get here -

And who knows? Maybe we will. After all they keep talking about an Indian summer?

It is true, we were a little late in receiving and then sowing our seeds - but the whole point of the QVC Watch Them Grow Kit project was to get the kids involved. Away from the T.V. Outdoors. Doing gardening. Enjoying the fresh air and sunny days. And by Jove, we have certainly done that.

I see that by taking part in the QVC campaign this summer, I've encouraged my children to enjoy their own garden space. I hope they too will learn to love the seasons, the cycles, and the joy of growing their own for years to come. We will definitely be keeping this project up. What a great kit.

Thanks for your focus on the family, QVC!

Find the kits and a whole host of garden ideas for little growers, online at

• Research of 2,000 parents was conducted in 2014 by OnePoll for QVC.

Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith blog received QVC Watch them grow kit, in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS

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