Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pink Lining & Shoe Therapy merger results in SHOE ENVY - A review

Adj.1. comfy - providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief - 

Yep, that's right, look again... cute aren't they? What you see before you are the new season's must haves, complimenting your look day or night, they are seriously stylish and super comfy - plus they even come with a health benefit thrown in.

To put the Frankie pumps to the test, I wore them to London for the day and walked my socks off. Actually I wasn't wearing any socks, but it didn't matter, for these happen to be the comfiest pair of shoes I've ever slipped on my feet. Don't believe me? It's all true.

Never before have I put on a pair of shoes for the first time, walked miles in them - around the streets of London no less - and still felt like I could walk further at the end of the day. NEVER. So what's the secret?

The science behind the shoe, or rather the physics behind the pumps•, is that they help women with posture, preventing back and joint pain. They help relieve swollen ankles and poor blood circulation. Not surprisingly therefore, they are recommended for pregnant women, and perhaps, somewhat less of a surprise, are co-created by the good-looking Séraphine maternity brand.

And when I say good-looking, these Pink Lining & Shoe Therapy pumps are available in elegant shades of navy and burgundy. They are produced in the softest quality leather, have the prettiest feminine touches of gold trimmed bows, petite ergonomic heels, as well as the signature pink lining, and are, put simply, quite gorgeous darling!

Love the colour, the comfort and the creation full stop. I'm really impressed. But perhaps I'm even more impressed by the fact that after a full weekend of wearing them out and about through town and city, I had no blisters, rubbing, or even redness anywhere to be seen on either foot. Pregnant or not, you are going to love Love LOVE these shoes.

Shoe Therapy | Frankie Navy Bow Canvas Ballerina Pump | RRP £89.00

*These pumps are scientifically and clinically** proven to alleviate up to 75% of back and joint pain and muscular tension, optimising posture and stimulating circulation - ideal of course for busy new mums and mums-to-be, but also, absolutely any woman that wants to wear comfy and trendy shoes. **Clinical tests carried out by four doctors and two orthopaedists on 100 patients during a 6 month trial.


Life As It Is/Emma Oliver, received a pair of Shoe Therapy Frankie Navy Bow Canvas Ballerina Pumps, in exchange for this review. For DISCLOSURE & DISCLAIMER, please view my page on LEGAL STUFF

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