Friday, 14 November 2014

Children In Need - appealing to all Superhero Mums out there

We are all Supermums.
Don't forget that.
And Dads.
Don't forget that either.
Balancing the act of parenting.
On little sleep.
We juggle balls.
We spin plates.
We hold the fort.
We nurse the sick.
We fill the fridge.
We pay the bills.
The list is endless.
There's no denying,
We have a lot on our plates.
I have a lot on my plate.
Accept for cakes.

Will I lose my Supermum status by not making cakes for a bloody school cake sale?
Or for using the word 'bloody' in the previous sentence?
I'll take some shop bought ones later instead.
Plus I stuck a fiver in the tin this morning...
I didn't have any bloody change.
I gave it all to nursery yesterday.
We ran out of time to get more change, as I was helping Esme look like the Superhero she is.
So headteacher, don't be giving me that look today. You know the one.
The one that doesn't really exist, and yet nonetheless makes me feel like a child in disgrace.
I've a lot on my plate. Accept cakes. I know.
But that's okay, you have a lot of Superheroes to save the day.
A day that will result in caped kids flying out of the school doors, revved up by the rain stops play factor, and all hungry for the sugary cakes on sale.
Which they'll gorge, eager to top up their Superhero powers.
We daren't say 'no' and 'wait for after your dinner.'
For being real life Superheroes, they would stop us in our tracks.
SuperEsme for example, could take me out with one flick of her braided beaded bonce.
I've no doubt.

This post is to salute the parents that made cakes. 
Shine your badge. You're bloody amazing.

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Suzanne W said...

These fundraising days are dreaded by all parents everywhere! Something that the kids could do instead of the parents would be a bit better - how about a sponsored silence?!

katchambers said...

Yep I got the look too, 2 days before friday I was reminded about making cakes - and I was given the look and the words that said "you knew this was coming, you have to make cakes - what do you mean you haven't collected any money?" Yes I felt bad, so the day before I had the day off (I work full time) to take my little boy out for the day, we went by train to birmingham, had fun in the think tank museum, got back late, I made some cakes (yes from a box), my son helped and I put £15 of my own money in the pot - was bloddy knackered and not even a thank you! So thanks for your thank you - and good for you too, you remembered to buy cakes, and dress your kids up and put a fiver in!

Emma Oliver said...

Ah thanks and thanks for commenting. Love that you made cakes (from a box)! I never did take any as I had a call from school to pick Esme up at lunch time. She had collided with another superhero, so that put pay to cake gorging after school. Sweeties helped her to forget.
I will just say, that one mum here who has it all in perspective, since reminded me that actually, making cakes is optional. Cool as a cucumber that mum, I admire her.
BUT Funny enough, on the PTA reminder, it never mentioned the word optional. And I forgot that fact down to the glare of the headmistress! Who teaches head teachers that look. Are they born with it do you think?

Emma Oliver said...

Now you're NOT talking Suzanne!

Victoria Welton said...

I utterly feel your pain! I am so with you on this - and I salute the people who make cakes, where on earth they get the time from I have no idea! I just buy stuff - it is easier and they still get what they want then. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x