Monday, 10 November 2014

Pudsey: The Movie - A review

Remember Pudsey, everyone's four legged friend that jumped through hoops and won the British publics' hearts, and the Britain's got talent contest a couple of years ago? 

Well he's back, and starring in his own movie - named, yes you guessed it: Pudsey The Movie. 

Frivolous and fun this is entertainment for the entire family, and the brand new release is out today, just in time for the Christmas shopping period. 

So is it worth the buying?

Directed by Nick Moore (Love Actually), and starring David Walliams (Little Britain) as the voice of Pudsey, not surprisingly, the film is very good. All the cast play their parts superbly. 

The story is also strong: Pudsey moves in with a family that loves him at last, in time to discover a plot to demolish the entire village. Through sheer dogged determination and devotion, Pudsey saves the day.

Only the sternest, serious, cold-hearted mongrels will not enjoy this lovable and amusing family epic. The thrills and spills of which, had the GraceFaith girls on the edge of their seats, and their mother creased up on the sofa behind them. Oh hooray for great British toilet humour, and the fact that Simon Cowell likes dogs that can dance. Something tells me he's no longer alone in that. 


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