Friday, 28 August 2015

Slipping through my fingers (1)

The girls received long awaited hair cuts today. Fia a trim to tidy up the nest that it usually is, and Esme, well now Esme, rather a lot off. Indeed, there was so much of her hair on the floor that if you could have spun it to gold, I reckon you would have filled an attic with several hundred troves.

It is what she wanted. Point is, she's morphed again. My 6YO daughter who came into the world 6lb15, who has grown into a beautiful little girl, is now growing some more. Reflecting with a smile at her shorter style in an instant, liking looking at her new self. Her new self with the gap between teeth between development, commenting on being ready for Junior school.

It's her birthday this week. It's so hard to believe that she is suddenly seven. Hey little girl, slipping through my fingers; finally as a mother, I want to press pause. You can stop growing now. Not all of us are ready anymore.