Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday pillow talk results in turning clutter to (potential) cash

Sunday morning pillow talk and as Simon and I discuss all the hidden extras to the extension we are planning, it dawns on me that our grand plans will more than likely be modified, i.e. just how quickly we could run out of money. So I say... I'll do a car boot. And he replies... Great, there's £50. And I muse... Esme and I have always said we'd like to do a car boot. And he replies: Great, there's £40. And then we both laugh.

September to me, has always been about new beginnings. More so than New Year. Sorting out crap and clearing clutter. What better way of doing so, than by having a car boot and selling the stuff you no longer need/want/use. After a little research, it turns out the way to find your nearest, is via

So having found one, Esme and I are doing one. I have instructed her to find the things in her LIFE AS IT IS, that she is willing to part with to make some cash. The Delboy in her saw pound signs straight away. Soon after, the child in her then decided that this task would prove very difficult. As for me? I have designs on spending the day in the loft.

Head to to initiate a jumble sale on your street with your neighbours. Or sell online via (clothes) or (CDs/DVDs/mobile phones).

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