Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hello Nature - A book review

Just want to mention this book that I've come across recently, 'suitable for all nature enthusiasts over 8'. A book that is packed with fascinating facts and brilliant activities, and if it could, would fit perfectly into the green science and nature wedge in Trivial Pursuit.

Hello Nature by Nina Chakrabarti is all to do with drawing, colouring, making and growing, and answers fantastic questions that children are bound to ask along the way, such as... What is the difference between a frog and a toad? How are snowflakes formed? Can you identify a tree from its leaves? And Fia's personal favourite: Why do snails make slime?

Nina Chakrabarti urges children to explore the weird and wonderful things they can find all around them. Perfect for all enquiring minds, this book is a breath of fresh air - bringing the outdoors inside.

The paper used, and the size of the book, along with the doodle style illustrations, give it a rather wonderful 'scrapbook' connotation. If I'm honest, it's the sort of year long diary I wished I had created in childhood, (or in 2015).

Simply exquisite, don't you just love Laurence King for making the ordinary, extra-ordinary?

Priced: £12.95
Written by: Nina Chakrabarti
Published by and available from: Laurence King
© 2016 Nina Chakrabarti

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