Saturday, 9 January 2016

LIFE AS IT IS resumes

The house was finished on the 23rd of December and we moved back into the kitchen on Christmas Eve. Talk about cutting it fine. Fortunately, the tree had gone up the week before just as soon as the newly laid floor was down. The sight of the children decorating it all by themselves for the first year ever was enough to catapult me into the Christmas spirit that had been missing up until then. Of course, things remained undone, such as the mistletoe which never made it to the ceiling, and the fresh wreath that never found the front door. Not to mention the lack of decorations about the house - sparse in comparison to Christmases gone before. But the point is, after eight weeks of extension build and alterations, we got there. And Christmas 2015 was indeed one to remember. Together, in our beautiful new home.

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